“I want to see the best of what the Universe has to offer!”
- Sage!

I don’t follow a lot of motivational speakers etc – even the few I love, such as David Goggins. The vast majority of so called beads, chains, mantras and amulets self help nonsense “don’t get wet in the rain more than twice on Sunday, feed the ants sugar on a certain afternoon, goggle at Saturn or what not – et al, the list of BS goes on and on and on) which most fall for and prefer because it’s “easy” – well, we all know my views on that …

Not because their stuff doesn’t resonate with me but because I’ve LIVED what they say – talk about – sometimes if I need a “pep talk” I will, but all of these stuff these guys say I can relate to like it’s my own life.

Andrew Tate is a guy Ive heard a bit of and every bit of what he says resonates with me big time.

If you want to be like someone, be as rich as somone, follow their thinking patterns, their lives, what they did to get where they are. Everyone has to struggle. Tate’s no exception to that rule. Neither is Goggins.

Or any true doer.

What really hit me about the Tate videos I saw though – one was so personal that I did a video of my own on it.

“Let her leave you”.

In it he talks about the rage he felt when a relationship he cared about fell apart – couldn’t focus on nothing for days – etc etc.


2015, as I’ve said so often before. That was me. I took that rage, and translated it into becoming the bodyweight exercise Guru. One climb became two, which became three, then 4 per morning – work – 2 at night – for years.

I had to work myself into a state of exhaustion so I wouldn’t be thinking of her. That was an unconscious decision I took.

I did.

And the compliments started coming my way.

“He’s lost so much weight so quick”!

More girls. More relationships than I could handle. The same girl I was still so much into would call me at 530 AM to wake me up – break up?? Hehe – and we would hold together. I’d still talk dirty to her on occasion. Haha.

I’ve been into fitness all my life. I wrote Fast and Furious Fitness in 2010. I communicated with Brooks Kubik and other guys in 2003. Yet oddly enough I never really, despite a blog back then – thought of creating my own fitness biz back then which I well could have. Brooks question about if I was in the military when I told him about my hill climb (just one at the time – but it resulted in the famous Rahul’s hill walking workout from China email to his list and inspired a couple of his own hill related emails – he was in Kentucky at the time which has hills galore) …

Despite Ann Lee kicking my ass. Hehe.

It only happened because of what happened in 2015. And importantly, my REACTION to it.

(But in terms of my running around with bevies of women during my younger days when I really should have focused on biz, especially with my well paying regular expat jobs in China – well, the Universe has a grand plan for us all. That running around resulted in my other businesses today and the talks I give on motivation, self help etc. All from the trenches – straight from the fucking heart my friend).

I did not sit around, mope, go to pieces as most guys would.

I put that rage to work. I didn’t even take the decision consciously. I just had to do something!

And I did it.

Results, well – they speak for themselves eh? But again, my REACTION to that situation is what counts as well as countless other hurdles I’ve faced in life and continue to – and welcome. They make me even harder!

Might sound odd but adversity is a friend, in many ways one of the best friends and teachers you will ever have. Welcome it if it comes.

Remember too, the old Napoleon Hill saying “every situation, every adverse occurrence has a seed of an equivalent of greater benefit”.

Not the flower of full blown success, but the seed from which the said flower can be made to germinate.

No, not just mere words.

They are true.

I should add “IF you take the right action” and know how to find that seed (which you will if you take the right fucking action) …

Most will just read this, yawn, scroll past.

And never accomplish anything in their sorry lives and that’s fine by me…

Then what he says about paying attention to your last thoughts before lopping off to bed, and your FIRST thoughts upon waking up. I just wrote a tome on that one on the other business before I heard the video. Tate’s spot the fuck on. Those are the things you manifest on auto pilot, that you care about so deeply you get it without even thinking about it consciously. Flow!

The other thing he said which I understood, but I worded it different until now ?

Wake up in the morning and say this to yourself.

“I want to see the best of what the Universe has to offer”.

This morning, upon arising, in fact in bed for 40 minutes or so (like Churchill, I’ll often work from bed sometimes – minus the cigar haha) thinking about various issues – I was getting a bit “ticked off”.

And then I used these words.

Remember, this is the guy whose written Zero to Hero – lived by what’s in Gumption Galore – and so forth. People, a certain Terrence included are using my adaptation of the popular saying “it is what it is” (I’ve always found that to be self defeating – I say it is what it is FOR NOW ie you can and will change “what is”) in their own motivational talks …

Yet, I used those words. Remember, I admire Tate, Goggins, hard men like that.

I’m nowhere near becoming a multi billionaire – as yet.

Therefore when people that have lived my way and eventually gotten there – I shut up and listen, even though I could add a thing or two on to what they say, and they wouldn’t mind because it makes perfect sense. And then implement, do.

Instantly as I said these words, my mood lifted.

I didn’t know why. Checking a few businesses, payments etc – I got it. A biz that I’ve been working for years finally looks to be getting off the ground financially. Results! More on the specifics of that later, that’s not the point here.

Tate talks a lot about listening.

And he’s right.

People give me all the excuses and bs about different body type, I’m big but not fat etc for not being able to do pull-ups – something even my most ardent detractors know I’m damn good at. Better than 99.99% of folks out there. That don’t mean I rest on my laurels. I’m out there improving form daily!

Yet, they want my results.

But they won’t shut up with their retarded excuses and DO.

Just buy the damn book already. Then this one.

Ah yes.

How dare I ask you to spend money?

That’s the ice cream stand, beer store and Netflixs prerogative right?

Tate gets that too.

A multi-billionaire, when he asks for 25 GBP to teach people what he knows – the whiners show up in hordes.

Hilarious if you think about it…

And so it is for the whiny lot here (there’s a lot) that secretly follow all I do, yet somehow never have money to get the product and therefore my results.

If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it.

Those whining about money oddly have it for all the things that really don’t matter ..

And if that’s the way you choose to live life, you gotta remember, your results will be along those very same fucking lines.

Anyway. . .

Put the cynic aside in you.

Get the products above..

And wake up every morning, and say that line out to yourself.

It will change your life, along with paying attention to your last thoughts before lopping off to bed and what you FIRST think of – that very initial thought – upon arising.

Pay attention to and actively decipher your dreams too. Write that shit down. I don’t care if you gotta wake up in the cold to do it. Just do it !

My new site on dreams is in the works as we speak.

And my old favourite rahulmookerjee.com, well, I’m still unable to access the admin area of that one. Gotta fix that soon too…

Last but not least, remember that action is what moves mountains – not just nodding the head which anyone can do.

You can say the above line or 10000 more until the cows come home with enlarged mammaries (sorry Sophia, hehe) (Tate was talking about being called a pyschopath as many of us doers are) but it won’t manifest a damn thing until you actively look for the ACTION to take to achieve that desired result and then do the damn thing no matter how crazy, uncomfortable or outlandish it might seem.

Just do it.

In the words of the immortal Ralph Waldo Emerson “do the thing, and you shall have the Power”.

And that says it all. His Laws of Compensation are a must read, along with Claude Bristols the Magic of Believing and pretty much a of Napoleon Hills writings.

No, you don’t know it all.

No, that’s not just “that stuff” or the Secret or what not. There ain’t no secret as Goggins has rightly once pointed out. The laws of the Universe are out there in the open for us ALL to use. Like Tate said, its a very giving place too – you just have to ask and prove you deserve it – most do not deserve it due to being lazy whiny losers.

Yeah, that stuff really matters.

Ask any doer, you’ll see.

Stop being a loser and get the books above,bread, implement what’s in each and every damn one of them, mine included.

And that, friend, is truly that. . .


Rahul Mookerjee

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