Am I crazy for practising what I call “self talk”?
- To most of you idiots out there, probably so

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To most so called normal people (idiots) – yes, I probably am. Most folks looks at me as if I’m crazy anyway even if I’m not doing or saying anything. That vibe of constantly being on the edge, wanting continuous improvement, getting pissed off at how the world is becoming even lazier and more butt useless by the day (it was bad enough before), dumbphone addiction etc …

… I talk to myself all the time.

People around me hate it – specifically even the ex who stopped short of “threatening” me not to talk about her on Twitter.

Obviously I don’t care about that BS. I’m a very helpful person by nature and everything I say, do, is intended to help others if taken in the right logical spirit.

That don’t mean I molly coddle.

It dont meant I say “it’s ok to be fat” or have a different body type or call you thick when you’re more fat than thick – et al.

It doesn’t mean I say “poor thing, it’s ok not to make a lot of money,to be depressed exhausted, tired”…


The best form of help is self help that forces you out of comfort and kicks youg ass – forces you to acknowledge your failures and continually improve daily.

To control emotion.

Be stoic.

Even in the face of unrelenting horseshit all around us – my ex is a prime fucking example – you cannot let your emotions overcome you no matter how much you “feel” like it – and trust me, the more you improve yourself, the more you’ll want to fucking blast others for being losers.

Remember though you can only take a horse to water. You cannot make it drink. Neither can you, unless you’re the big guy in Bloodsport, hehe – bang your skull against a brick wall and hope for it to shatter – it won’t.

Talking to losers is a waste of time. That’s the vast majority of people out there these days.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m unfit”.

Looking at me “who the hell does he think he is”.

“Yeah he’s so fit, so what”

Deep down inside they all want what I work so hard for.

This sort of idiotic BS always comes from folks several or many levels beneath you. Never above. How the hell can someone say “so what if Im fat”.

“So what if I can’t run several miles without fatigue”.


How the fuck can you even think that way?

It irritates me beyond any fucking comprehension. This morning was one prime example – and hearing the self talk coming out of me, you’d probably have called the cavalry in. “Smoke coming out of me”.

And that’s what the point of this email was about.

I reminded myself that certain thoughts need to be kept our of mind. Especially for a fucker like me who thinks and manifests all he thinks!

I spoke to myself like a true good friend would be.

I was brutal with myself. I did pushups while doing it – and 10 pull-ups too.

How the fuck can someone say it’s ok not to do pull-ups, that angry voice kept saying as my lazy ex turned up the volume on her dumbphone as soon as I showed up to do pull-ups. Feet in a massage machine since the morning, planted in the couch she’ll remain in the rest of her sorry ass fucking loser inspired life – on both her devices whining about the cold or some bullcrap.

You’ve no idea how irritated I get just looking at her. And the feeling is likely mutual. Losers can’t stand winners and vice versa and that’s how it should be too.

Calm down, that voice told me.


Let it out while doing the damn pull-ups .

Do a 100 more pushups.

But never let the negative emotions take over.

We all have them.

We are all human.

Key lies in this – when you’re continually pushing yourself – continually tired, broken down and exhausted and you keep the fuck going anyway – last thing you want is the other bs around you.

But you’ll get more of it.

That’s Father Life testing you, son.

How the fuck you gonna respond now?

….and that sort of self talk,I practice this all the time. Consciously pushing negative images out of my mind. Making room for nothing but positive even when surrounded by shit all around.

Like Andrew Tate’s experience in a Romanian jail cell.

Truly, you gotta experience it ALL to be truly exceptional. (Still remember my buddy from the Marines saying “but you’re exceptional”).

So that’s why people think I’m insane. Hehe. Maybe I am.

More such life tips in Gumption Galore and Zero to Hero. 

Also, please, if you’re sitting on the list and have no intention of ever buying anything – kindly GTFO the list as I don’t want you there – thank you!

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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