All male/female gyms???

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I’ve heard a lot of men talk about why women shouldn’t work out in the same gyms as men. I’ve always found this a bit odd.

Please don’t get me wrong though. There are SOME environments women should not be in – such as active duty special forces for one. All male platoons chasing the few women in it with all the ramped up T that comes from hard daily workouts and real routines – well, there goes team spirit and camaraderie. Not to mention women have obvious biological limits (and bodies) not suited to this sort of rigor.

Similarly, men aren’t probably the best choice to raise young babies, though a lot do a damn good job of it anyway. . . I know i remember my time there with much fondness, changing diapers etc when need be and such (even my mom wouldn’t do it which should tell you something about my so called family).

I remember my Dad teaching me how to clean up after a dump…(when I was little)…

Anyway – gyms??

I get what these men are saying. Being grouped with a bunch of hard tough men naturally makes a man tougher – more competitive. Which is great.

But I work out outdoors in the heat and sun doing things that would make most billy goats puke due to the combo of weather plus tough workouts.

And I’ve always had nothing but women around me on the hill, right from Ann Lee initially to Carol to a gaggle of giggly Indian girls these days wondering why the so called upwardly mobile man is squatting so called obesquiously on the ground while they recline on benches. Yes, they all tell me “sir aap aise mat betho” (sir, don’t sit like this) – apparently it’s shameful.

Like I give a rats ass about what society thinks. The Rahul Mookerjee patented squat is one of the best workouts ever. Still remember a guy who was “supposed” to sit like that socially and not in chair begging me not to do it around him, then confiding in me he was too fat to do it himself even though his physical labor should have kept him in shape. It didn’t.

But anyway.

If you can as a man control and transmute your sexual energy naturally amped by women around you into your workout, you’ll understand what I mean.

Napoleon Hill spoke about the importance of sexual transmutation in Think and Grow Rich.

The presence of many a nans beautiful secretary, as he writes, was the secret to their inspiration and ideas for success at a lot they did.

Real men don’t chase women.

They love to be around women.

Any time. Most times!

Yes, there’s other guys there too. Some ogling the girls, some not. It’s never bothered me an iota or impacted my performance. It’s about FOCUS!

And for me, it’s always proven to be very inspirational and my results back it up.

And that, my friend is that. Not to mention this


Rahul Mookerjee

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