A real life example of just how amazing cats are.

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I just saw it in front of my eyes! A white cat landed up in the back yard just as I put out that last post. Probably on a hunt for a big rat which seems to be hiding someplace here…

It dropped down about 8-10 feet – through a metal grill. That was the easy part. As it paced around, unaware of me, I was wondering how it would get back out.

Then a thought struck me. If it got in, it knows how to get out!

Cat saw me right then. I love how I can sneak up to cats in general and they only notice their “fellow cat” at the last minute. Hehe.

Not a skill most people have …

Looked at me.

And then, ran away.

And jumped up literally seven feet into the air on its Hind legs – grabbed a bit of cement to get the last couple of inches up – get this, just a teeny bit of cement on the wall with one paw!!

And there it was – gone through the grills it came from.

Like Vincent’s cat that once jumped 18 floors down from a high rise and was walking around later, completely oblivious to all the chaos he (named Hunter) caused at home. Not a scratch. Truly good sense behind the saying “land like a cat”.

Or the full grown male Gorilla that once escaped an Orlando zoo by climbing up a sheer 14 foot wall – how? Hooking one finger into a tiny crack in the wall, and pulling out that way!!

Then you have the story of the tiger that jumped over a full grown male elephant in India – taking two of the “mahouts” (tamers) fingers wth it in ONE sheer leap. That was revenge for a prior hunt – tigers are the smartest of the big cats, with memories that last longer than even ours do.

What do all these cats do to maintain their amazing fitness, flexibility and strength?

Can any of you Bozos showing off on IG with your gym pics do half of what the cat does?

It’s what I keep telling idiots that come to me for fitness advice … The gym, which is what they all want – is not the answer.

Who would you pick in a real life fight?

Bro at the gym?

Or martial artist, wrestler etc?

Choice is clear as fucking daylight, and everyone fucking knows it too. But they gotta be lazy anyway.

Cats stretch and rest for most of the day. Yet, when it’s time to go? BAM!

Apes don’t ape around on the lat pull down machine and then show off their backs “my back is my best feature”, they all claim, while hiding ther copious paunches, bulging ass etc.

They do pull-ups. Monkey bars. And such.

I’m yet to see most of the Bozos preening with their “back spreads” pumping the latter pulldown do anything even remotely close to a proper pull-up or handstand Pushup.

Lesson learnt?

That you already know?

But are too lazy to implement?

If you’re the rare sort that’s actually interested in real world animal like strength and flexibility – go HERE.

And that is that.


Rahul Mookerjee


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