What failure can teach us about success

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Dear Reader,

Not so long ago I was faced with an emotional catastrophe of sorts that I have spoken about before – and that left me completely devastated “inside”.

Those that know me know me as the “0 Excuses Fitness” guy –  never taking a step back – never backing down from any challenge once I accept it – and yet, a few years ago, the story (for a short while) was the exact opposite.

I could barely get out of bed in the mornings – so badly “down in the dumps” was I – and what is worse, I had no-one to talk to about it – and certainly not much by the way of inspiration during these tough times either.

They say the toughest times in one’s life are when financial struggles occur, and while I KNOW for a fact those are tough times – what isn’t spoken about often is how emotional struggles can be just as devastating, if not more.

This evening, I was Googling around idly. I needed a bit of a break after that mammoth writing session yesterday (which by the way judging by the reader feedback is ALREADY “making it’s way up the charts” slowly but steadily) – – and so I took one today.

Well deserved break, if I might say so.

Anyhow, so I came across this news article about Canadian (and American as well) Indian adult star “Sunny Leone”, and a tee vee biopic of her (that is apparently either already released, or about to be – I’m not sure – but there’s plenty of buzz going on around it).

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this lady – but she established herself in the adult industry and then moved back to the land of her ancestry (India) where she is currently working up to being one of the more established stars in Bollywood.

Now, Rahul Mookerjee cannot recall the last time he watched a Bollywood movie. I have absolutely ZERO interest in Bollywood, and most of Hollywood as well – the Bourne series was a notable exception as were a few others, but for the most part I’d rather read than watch movies.

Does far more for the mind and imagination – and plus I get to LEARN every time I read – or be INSPIRED by those “bigger and better” (in my book, at least) than me as well. Can’t beat that, me thinks!

Anyway, I was reading some press releases about Leone’s biopic, and certain things just “stood out” to me.

For those that have seen her on screen (I don’t mean the adult industry – I mean in the movies) – and for those that are good at “looking behind the scenes”, you’ll notice that behind the good looks, sultry appeal and everything else – what really stands out about Leone is a heartfelt honesty.

I can see it in her eyes – and reading about her story, coming from a traditional Indian family that was anything but happy about her decision to join the adult industry while still in her late teens is something that resonates with me for sure!

The biopic goes into many “gory” details that we don’t necessarily associate with success. An alcoholic mother – who spiraled further into depression every time she’d hear about her daughter doing what she did for a living.

Leone’s story about having to give her morphine to dull her pain (her mom’s) – – and the final dose that eventually proved to be fatal (if I understand it correctly).

A family that completely rejected not just Leone – but her mom and dad as well simply because of the work she did.

And again – while I haven’t watched her biopic, or indeed most of her movies – I will say this – the woman has a certain sense of honesty about her – and a “been there done that THROUGH THE STRUGGLES” vibe that emanates from her on -screen – – and she’ll eventually go places – more than she’s already gone!

She’s faced more than her fair share of critics, of course, most of whom denigrate her as someone whose career choices ensure she’s “destroying Indian culture” and other such baloney – which in my book is utter TOSH.

The woman did what she had to do to make a living (as well as figured out a way to make it work for long term career wise) – bottom line – and I’ve known many in China that have done precisely the same thing because they absolutely HAD TO!

Hey, it might not be what you or me would like to do – but she needed cash – and she needed to do SOMETHING – and who is anyone else to criticize a career that eventually turned out to be pretty successful anyway, anf is still on the upswing?

And coming from a uber traditional Indian family, again, I can personally understand the emotional drama that must have gone on behind the scenes.

Heck, I still remember the drama that went on in MY family EVERY time I decided to do something that was “against the norm” – be that getting married to the woman of my choice – or going to China – or doing my own thing … so I can well  imagine what Leone must have gone through at the time!

I’ve mentioned in the past I’ve got another writing biz – something which I don’t publicize too often for various reasons – but if my (other than my wife) immediate family knew what I did in that regard, they’d probably jump off the balcony in despair – – even though there is absolutely nothing “wrong” with it in any regard!

Anyway, the reason I mention all this … is??

Well, because of this – if you’re currently down – or struggling – with your fitness – or relationship – or anything you’re doing in general – it isn’t so much the actual struggle that defines you as HOW YOU REACT to it!

I’m sure Leone had more than her fair share of struggles – if not financial, then emotional.

And she’s by far not the only one. The founder Walt Disney, hard as it might sound to imagine reputedly was once so “broke” that he was behind on rent and surviving on dog food.

It might be hard to imagine right about now, but J.K. Rowling, her of the “Harry Potter” was series was once on government help – and struggling to make ends meet DESPITE the aid.

Stephen King gave up on his novels after being rejected thirty times, and it was only after his wife persuaded him to resubmit his work to a publisher for the NTH time – that he  met with ultimate SUCCESS, and HOW!

The point of all this, again?

It’s not so much the struggle, or the nature of the struggle – it’s how you REACT TO IT!

Back to my own story – when the clouds had gathered full tilt, and when I could barely wake up in the morning, there was NO-ONE at all I could talk to – or turn to – including family of any nature.

So I did what came naturally – and what I know best.

I knew deep down that ANYTHING could be overcome if I just “kept on keeping on” – and so I did, my friend.

So I did. I fought through the tough times somehow, and eventually sunlight appeared, and HOW – I had some of the best years of my life after that.

Not only did I restart my fitness business – and rebrand it as what it is now i.e 0 Excuses Fitness – – but I also got the fittest I was ever in my life.

My finances rebounded and improved almost magically (although the initial story wasn’t about finances – they were pretty rocky at that stage I must admit).

And just about everything in my life improved – why? 

Because a) I had a DREAM which I repeatedly visualized even through the tough times, whether I knew it or not – and b) MOST IMPORTANTLY, I kept on keeping on!

Napoleon Hill mentions the value of persistence in “Think and Grow Rich” – and categorically states that if there is ONE quality that differentiates the achievers from the “has beens” (Ford, Edison, and anyone that’s ever done anything of note) – it is this – PERSISTENCE – and keeping on keeping on when the chips are down – big time!

As he very correctly notes – LIFE doesn’t let anyone have real and lasting success EASILY. The guardian to that gate does NOT admit people in willy nilly. You have to prove you belong – but once you do – your whole life literally changes and how.

As Edison correctly said once,

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

And if there’s anything that failure can teach you about success then, it is this – it doesn’t come easy – and it doesn’t come to those who GIVE UP. It comes to those who follow certain laws – do certain things – but most importantly, keep their eye on the prize at ALL times and on what they WANT – as opposed to what they dont … and those that … 

… Those that keep on KEEPING on, and never, ever, ever lose sight of their dreams and give up!

So if you’re currently doing everything right, and still are unable to meet your pull-up goals, for instance, and if it has you down – well – take a deep breath, stand back, and relax.

Think of the countless people that have been through the same, or similar set of discouraging circumstances before you.

Think of yours truly – who was once at a stage where (hard as it might sound to believe) was unable to do more than 10 pull-ups in an entire WORKOUT!

If you’re currently being able to drop that extra flabbage no matter WHAT you’re doing – take a step back – and re-evaluate.

You’ll get there ultimately – if you don’t give up – and you’ll never, ever regret the journey once you’ve made it.

Well my friend, thats one of the best and most motivational things I can tell you as we head into the weekend. I’m all recovered from my marathon yesterday, so you should be hearing more from me “by and by” as well – as well as getting the lo down on ideas for a few new products I’ve got bubbling around in my mind.



Rahul Mookerjee

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