How getting good at pull-ups can literally SAVE YOUR LIFE!

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Dear Reader,

A few years ago, I think in 2010 it was, I was on my way with the wife to Ranikhet, a picturesque Himalayan holiday town – one of my all time favorites places to visit, including the state itself it’s located in.

This particular trip didn’t really go as planned though – especially not at the start when the road to get there was blocked by a recent landslide.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but anyone that’s ever been to India – and / the Himalayas – OR seen the roads in them areas on T.V. knows that while driving in general in India is dangerous enough, the mountain roads take it to a WHOLE new level altogether.

MOST, if not all the roads are cut along the edges of the mountains as opposed to what we’re used to in the U.S. and other Western nations i.e. through the mountains – which makes not only for breathtaking scenery as you drive – but sheer drops thousands of feet below if you make a mistake – not to mention a severe case of vertigo for those that have the condition – I used to, so I know!

So we had to take an alternate road – the one less traveled as it were, and at one point it was nearing dusk and we got lost.

And slowly, night started to creep in. Remember, the area was heavily forested – tiger land as it were – and the condition of the roads were pretty terrible – not to mention the roars the gushing river WAY, WAY down beneath us was emitting – and not to mention the road was so narrow and crumbly at one point that ONE car was doing well to get through it – let alone massive trucks which were standing waiting their turn as well.

What an experience it was – a hair raising one – made better by the fact that my headlights stopped working and it was pitch dark the last few kms to safety! 

Right up there with having no brake fluid once – also high up in the Himalayas, and while I’ll write a travelogue about these travels someday, here is why I’m mentioning it.

At various points during the drive I remember thinking – what if there’s an accident – and I’m left hanging on to the cliff? 

This wouldn’t happen, of course. First off, it was a sheer drop – and I was in a car, so we’d both go “barreling down” into the river – or terra firma as it were, as it wasn’t a hillside with trees etc to grab on to at that point, but still, the thought struck me repeatedly, and it wasn’t an entirely unreasonable thought.

Boy I remember being SCARED on that drive – the first time I was ever scared while driving, and with good reason – and those that don’t think that’s anything to write home about – well, Google “10 more dangerous roads in India” and you’ll soon be eating your words.

In Rambo III, they have a sign where Rambo literally climbs a “sheer” cliff to save his mentor and commanding officer from a Soviet prison – and climbs it “mountaineer” style – except he’s got nothing but his fingertips to do it by!

Granted, this was a bit over the top – but Stallone’s no stranger to these mountain climbing scenes.

If you’ve seen Cliffhanger, you know what I mean – and THAT, my friend is an activity where pull-ups can and DO save lives on a regular basis, and if you’ve ever gone mountaineering or rock climbing – well, let’s just say give me a hell yeah in that regard!

Ok, I hear you saying. I don’t care much about rock climbing, and I’m certainly no fan of over the top war movies. What then? How can pull-ups literally save my life?

Well, have you ever heard of Sig Klein, for one, famous old strongman and bodyweight enthusiast?

This man once climbed UP – not down – UP – a drain pipe to a floor (in an apartment building) above him that was engulfed in flames – and literally saved a life as he climbed back down the pipe with one hand – the other holding an unconscious woman to his chest as he did so!

Talk about some grip strength – and talk about BACK strength as well as ARM strength – and talk about a REAL LIFE situation there, which any one of us could find ourselves in some day!

Pull-ups – done for high reps and volumes are a mainstay of the routines followed by U.S. Navy Seals, Green Berets, Marines, and other special forces.

Think high reps build nothing but endurance?

Well, try telling that to the Marine who slogs through miles of rough and difficult terrain – to safety – amidst bullets – carrying a  30-40kg rucksack on his back – and quite possible an injured fellow soldier as well on his way to safety!

If there’s one exercise that builds that sort of strength it’s pull-ups and if all these examples haven’t told you just how vitally important it is that YOU, my friend get good at pull-ups, and get good at doing them the right way, well, nothing will.

You might as well go back to yanking the lat pulldown and building boobies and fake egos – not to mention tearing muscles in your shoulder and lat area as you force your way through an utterly unnatural movement.

But if you’re truly ready to take the plunge into REAL man stuff – and learn an exercise – from the basics – that EVERYONE should be able to do at least 10 reps of, slow and steady, in perfect form, well, I’m right here for you, my friend.

If you’re truly serious, then I recommend grabbing not one – but BOTH the courses on pull-ups I have.

The first teaches you how to get to a certain level at pull-ups, and has a “FAQ” section included as well, and will keep you busy for months, if not years.

And the second contains variants on the pull-up – – and advanced variants at that – – and WORKOUTS that even the most advanced of bodyweight trainees will find it hard to get through on the first – or second – or Nth try!

If you’re truly looking to get to “Marine” or “Rambo” status on pull-ups, then – well – you know where to turn!

Alright, my friend. That’s it for this email. I’ll be back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with the courses on pull-ups – dont forget to grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System which will build the solid base you need to get good at pull-ups. Grab it right here –

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