The MANY advantages of a strong grip

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Dear Reader,

If there’s ONE aspect of his physical training EVERY man should look to cultivate in his physical training, it is this – building a strong GRIP.

A rock solid, coruscating, crushing grip that will bring the term “iron fisted” to mind every time you shake hands with someone – – or simply even perform any everyday task – – or hoist them heavy weights at the ole gym.

No, I’m not an advocate of “crushing hands” when you shake – – but the point is this – – a man can often be judged by a) the first impression he creates (the vibes he gives off) and b) by his handshake alone – and no, I don’t mean if he “crushes” your hand or has the ability to do so – that is not what I’m talking about!

I’ll get into all that later, of course, but a strong grip doesn’t help in the gym – or when shaking hands.

A couple of nights ago, it was “rice and gravy” for dinner at home.

And right at the moment my wife was about to cook it all up, the container the rice was kept in wouldn’t open.

It was kept in one of those “twist top” large jars — and the lid just wouldn’t open no matter what she did – – or tried.

So I was called to assist, and though I applied all my strength, it wouldn’t budge. It was well and truly stuck – – and it was only by – – get this – – prying the tip of my right forefinger at a spot where it “gave a little” that I was even able to get it to budge – – and finally open it.

Quite a good little finger workout — I’ll say that — and useful too.

Wouldn’t have been no dinner that night for me if that jar hadn’t opened. You’d think New Delhi being (supposedly) one of the most “prominent” cities in the world would have plenty of eateries, convenience stores etc open all night as you might expect in even small towns – but nothing doing.

Everything here shuts down around 9:00 P.M. And convenience stores?? Forgetttttttt about it – and the few that are there don’t stock what you and I might expect from a convenience store anywhere else across the globe!

Such is life, my friend.

Then the other day my wife managed to wedge a metal cup into a large tea cup, and for the life of her, couldn’t get it out.

There was water in the tea cup – – and that stuck onto the bottom of the metal — and it literally almost “glued” it together to the second cup.

Now getting THAT loose wasn’t just a “grip workout” – it was a shoulder and chest workout as well! Phew….

Anyway, the point I’m making is this –  – a strong grip goes way, way beyond the gym my friend.

Even if all you do in your daily life is carry groceries occasionally and type at the ‘puter all day long, a strong grip will help you avoid any and all wrist problems that often occur to folks that sit at the computer all day.

Many years ago I remember asking a prof of mine – the esteemed Dr. K, if I might say so, if he wrist pain from the amount of typing he did.

And he did a lot – and that was back in the day, when computers weren’t as prevalent as they are today.

I did a lot too — and I had wrist pain, and he advocated one of those little foamy “hand rests” that elevate your wrist a little and let it “rest” on them while you type – – and while that was great, it didn’t quite resolve the situation.

All good – but if I had known back then what I do now about grip building and training, I not only would have given the ole Prof a bit of a lesson on it – but I would have saved my own (naturally weak) wrist a lot of work as well.

So, believe me now my friend – and trust me later – a strong grip comes in handy in ALL areas of life – and if there’s ONE area you should be focusing upon today in your training, it is your grip.

And if you’re looking for HOW to build the grip – well, I’m sorry to say it, but traditional “wrist rollers” and other stuff  they use at the gym will only get you so far. The strength you build therein will NOT translate into the real world, nowhere near as effectively as if you train with REAL strength building methods that have been used by strongmen throughout the ages.

Here is where you can learn about them – –

Run on over now, and start building the rock solid, cast iron grip you’ve always wanted!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Some of the pushups I mention in 0 Excuses Fitness are also excellent grip builders. Find out more about them right here – –

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