The good, bad and the UGLY – of fitness

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Dear Reader,

There’s an oft repeated saying which goes “You’ve got to take the good with the bad”.

The peaks with the troughs. The highs with the lows – the successes with the disappointments – and so forth.

Anyone that’s accomplished anything of note, or is in the process of getting there will tell you this – – (well, anyone honest that is) – – that the process of getting there can be downright BRUTAL at times.

You have good days. You have bad days. And you have UGLY – brutally ugly days – when nothing at all seems to go your way.

‘Tis the case with life .. relationships …fitness … anything you choose.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s all about “Shades of Grey” – – and no, I’m not referring to the sort of “lengthening and stretching” exercises that are no doubt popular amongst the Shades of Grey crowd!

Ok – quips aside and back on point – it’s a FACT that these days will occur on your way to your goal, and chances are the second two type of days will occur a lot more – especially when you’re first starting out – – and when you’re almost there.

Sure, I’m not saying there aren’t any good days. There are plenty. But I do know this for a fact as well – how you react to the BAD and UGLY days are really what determine your success going ahead – and are also a great indicator of  who you are as a PERSON.

In biz, I have good days – bad – and some days where nothing goes according to plan – but I take it all in stride – most of the time.

I know that it’s all part of the game – and that overreacting either way – either on the GOOD days – or the bad – is NOT conducive to the ultimate goal of moving ahead and keeping on ACHIEVING good things! 

What do I mean by most of the time?

Well  – remember this – I’m human like you – – and I need a kick up the backside in this regard once in a while too!

It happened to me a week or ago – I was sort of “vacillating” as it were (if you compare my work output biz wise to my normal outputs) – – but a quick chat with the remorselessly and relentless logical African Silverback Gorilla (you know who!) sorted that out in an instant – and bang – I was back on track again.

Most folks need more than this to get back on track – but here’s the key – if you’re having bad days – several of them in a row – or have for whatever reason fallen off the wagon in whichever regard, remember that the ultimate goal is what counts.

Keep your eyes on the prize – with blinders on. Keep forging ahead, and you’ll eventually GET to your goal!

And lest you think this just applies to biz and nothing else, think again.

Though I’m the LAST guy you’d think that would have bad workout days – – I do, my friend.

Granted, I have not had an “ugly” day in this regard in many a moon now, but I’ve had bad days – again, compared to my regular output.

There have been days where I’ve been unable to go beyond 25 handstand pushups for instance, despite my usual 75 or so per workout.

There have been days where getting more than 10 pull-ups in a set was a chore – and for a guy that pounds out hundreds of them per workout, thats saying something!

And I’m sure the same thing must have happened to you at some point as well, my friend, if you’ve in any way, shape or form committed to a fitness routine.

Key thing is – remember that it a) happens and b) is PART AND PARCEL of the journey and c) is ultimately what makes it worthwhile.

Though I would never want to repeat the process of getting to a 100 pull-ups all over again,at NO cost would I EVER allow myself to be divested from the KNOWLEDGE and the things I learned during the process. No way, Jose!

It isn’t just me saying that, by the way.

In “Outwitting the Devil” – – a book WELL WORTH your time to read, btw – – Napoleon Hill talks about the times he was literally down and out.

Yes, that is right. The world’s foremost bestselling author was DOWN and OUT – – not once, not twice, but many a times, and he bounced back each and every time – – and he said the same thing in this regard as well.

I’ll end with a quote of his. . .

I would not wish to be again subjected to the experiences through which I passed during that fateful Christmas Eve in 1923, and since, on that eventful evening when I walked around the school house in West Virginia and fought that terrible battle with fear, but all the wealth in the world would not induce me to divest myself of the knowledge I have gained from those experiences.

Indeed, Sir. Indeed!

And on that note, I’ll end this little missive. See you again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I am back on another one of my product creating sprees, so the next email may show up on time – – or a bit late. All good though – – I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

P.S #2 – – In terms of knowledge, if you’re interested in getting them shoulders like BOULDERS – – and lat spreads that make it hard to pass through barn doors – then I hate to tell you, but pumping iron in the gym isnt going to get you there, and neither will preening in the mirror after a set of bench presses. What WILL get you there though is “upside down training” – – which you owe it to yourself to learn right here – –

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