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Dear Reader,

We read a lot about anger being an emotion that is not generally conducive to achievement – in any field.

That anger – or even worse, “rage” is something to be avoided at all costs, as it’s energy misspent that could be better spent towards more constructive purposes.

And of course, the old saying … “Go blow off some steam!” “Do some pushups and work it all out!” … And thus forth.

But here’s the thing – although Napoleon Hill (correctly) mentioned anger as one of the seven major NEGATIVE emotions – to be avoided if you’re trying to achieve any sort of goal – anger can actually be constructive in some cases.

It can actually be super motivating in some cases.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, for instance, and you see an obese person (or worse) staring back at you day after day after day, it can be hard to find the motivation to follow a decent exercise program and STICK TO IT no matter what – especially with all the pictures of perfect bodies and washboard abs out there.

When we’re in a bad situation in terms of life – or perhaps even business – it can be tough to find the motivation to do what ultimately gets you OUT of the bad situation – that being to “keep on keeping on” (or plodding on, perhaps!) and being PERSISTENT despite all else.

It can be tough to march on towards a goal when everyone you know seems to be against your plans – either directly or indirectly.

But here’s the thing.

You can either go into your shell in these situations – or you can get angry – furious – at YOURSELF – and the situation – and then channel the anger to CHANGE the situation! 

Believe me, there have been times in my  life I was angry. Super angry about certain things – and I used this anger as fuel and motivation to “stoke the fires burning within”.

And a perfect technique to use here is the mirror technique I mentioned in an earlier email – where you stand before a mirror and really, really, LOOK at yourself and TELL yourself that THIS is how it’s going to be, and that you brook NO excuses of any nature in terms of not achieving said goals!

You don’t just stand before the mirror, by the way. You practice a variant of what I described in an earlier email about having seen in China – and this variant is best termed as “self indoctrination”.

You literally look deep within your eyes into the mirror. You see the man within. You yell at him. You get pissed. You get ANGRY – whatever works!

And once you get the emotions bubbling, my friend – THAT is the time you snap out of a self imposed inertia and continue your march on to victory!

When used correctly, anger can be a powerful tool indeed, and I’ve never seen a successful person that hasn’t at some point or multiple during their journey not get angry at themselves – or their situation.

Of course, anger isn’t by far the only emotion you can use, and I don’t even recommend it all the time.

It’s far better to visualize past successes, and BASK in the emotion of that moment before transmuting it over on the way to your NEXT success – and believe me, if you can see, it’ll happen – and it’ll manifest — sooner rather than later.

So back to fitness – and PULL-UPS, for that matter – which most people aren’t able to do even ONE rep of well enough – despite WANTING it at their very core.

Let’s face it – we ALL want to be that guy that reps out pull-ups a dozen without breaking a sweat – in perfect form – each muscle rippling across taut skin as he does so!

My book on pull-ups will get you to that stage – – and if you’re stuck at a certain portion of your journey there – – and you’re angry about it — well do what I just mentioned above.

Do this religiously for a couple of weeks – morning, evening, and whenever you find the time – and report back on your results thereafter.

I bet you anything you’ll be astounded at the changes that take place!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – One of the reasons the mirror technique works so well is it brings the forces of the subconscious into play without you even “realizing” it. And while emotions are key to getting this to happen, WORDS play a large part too, my friend. Words create pictures in our mind – powerful, riveting, energy laced PICTURES – that penetrate deep down into our subconscious minds given the right impetus of EMOTION behind them. And you’ll never find better – or more inspiring words that I’ve put together in “Gumption Galore” – if there ever was a course that will motivate and inspire you to do – and achieve – MORE – this is it! Pick up your copy right HERE – –

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