My thoughts on Gandhi’s philosophy

Dear Reader,

It’s Oct 2 here in “here neck of the woods” where I BE, and being it’s a national holiday in India – Gandhi’s birthday (Gandhi, who they term as being the “father of the nation” ) I figured I’d write a bit on his philosophy.

That being “See no Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” – – a metaphor visually backed up by the three monkeys which make up part of India’s national emblem, visible in courtrooms, passport covers, and all other “official” documentation as it were.

Now, I’m NOT a huge admirer of Gandhi (despite being repeatedly called a “modern day Gandhi“, hehe). The reasons are many, and I’m not going to get into those here …

But back to the above – the main issue I have with what he said in that regard is this – it works well in an “utopian society” – or perhaps in kindergarten, but NOT in the real world.

Sure, in an utopian society you could tell people to “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil” – and they’d abide by that, and all would be fine and dandy – but in the real world that ain’t how it works.

In the real world you have to be AWARE of the “evil” – and/or bad things – or undesirables, and FOCUS to make sure they don’t manifest in your life, while what you do want DOES.

Way too many people these days follow a variant of Gandhi’s philosophy, both offline and online. I wrote about this in a post earlier about being real – and BEING YOU.

Way too much, if not all, of social media for instance is devoted to the “feel good” and “look good” pictures – and selfies – and “meeting in the office where everyone is high fiving” – – while precious little, or ANY time is actually devoted to detailing REAL life and the nitty gritties where things don’t always go according to plan.

There seems to be this thread of thought going around these days that if you “ignore the bad” – it won’t happen – or will miraculously go away.

No it won’t – and the current state of the REAL world – behind the glossy photos posted on social media and behind all the razzmatazz and “show” lives most people potray is proof enough.

And this holds true for both fitness as well as life, my friend.

In terms of life, I’ve often spoken about one of the secret keys I use while visualizing.

While I visualize what I WANT to manifest in my future and infuse energy from past successes into it, I also visualize myself on another screen simultaneously – that screen showing where I am NOW with regard to whatever goal it is I’m looking to achieve.

The incongruity between these two images is really what sparks the emotion that in turn drives the subconscious into action – which then products real RESULTS – given you’ve got some real desire going in terms of the “to be” picture in the first place.

Simply visualizing the goal is fine, but it doesn’t do much in terms of telling your brain where you are in the HERE AND NOW – and often times, people fall into the trap of thinking that “visualizing the future” is all they have to do and their problems will magically melt away.

No they won’t.

If you’re currently unable to do a single pushup – create TWO “movie screens” in your mind – as I said before, one on the left and one on the right.

Play the current YOU along with the associated emotions of “how you don’t want this” along with the FUTURE image of a happy, confident, FIT you … again, along with the associated images.

In other words, you focus on what you do want – while keeping what you don’t want in mind all the time to make sure that focus gets stronger by the day!

Powerful concept indeed, and one I’ve used personally back in the day to attain my handstand pushup goals – – as well as more than a few goals I set in terms of pull-ups.

You too, my friend can do the SAME thing!

Write back, and let me know how it goes for you.

Keeping it REAL,

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Resolving the incongruity is done through action backed up by the right emotions. And in terms of fitness, the very best set of tools you can use to get the flab off at rip roaring speeds is right here – – Grab it now, and get started on a RESULTS oriented road to fitness today!

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