Have you been there – and DONE that?

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Dear Reader,

Something that annoys me no end in today’s world is that there is NO dearth of “experts” (I’m being polite!) on any topic under the sun – fitness and life included.

You hear some of the most ridiculous advice out there from the “shmexperts” as well.

For instance, I was doing pull-ups out there in the park the other day – with my legs positioned a certain way (to make it even tougher) and there came the pavement pounder – a guy that is in fairly decent shape, but get him on the pull-up bar – and bam – he can barely hang on, if even knock out one rep.

You’d think a person like this would WATCH what someone that CAN do pull-ups is doing – and emulate, or try to – but though he was watching, emulating was the last thing he did.

Instead he proceeded to give me advice on how the personal trainers at the gym apparently do not a) advocate full extension, dead hang pull-ups, b) how I “should” kip to get more reps, c) why Mercury is always in retrograde and d ) …. well, I ran off into the wide out yonder before I had to listen to any more of his talk – with him calling after me, and finally calling it a day when he saw I wasn’t in the least bit interested!

And you know what’s the funniest part?

These people that give advice – personal trainers included – that can either NOT do pull-ups themselves – – or even if they can get one sloppy rep or so – – that rep is NOT done in proper form. 

Sad part is, these people are all over the place, and even worse part – the “show” quotient these guys put on means that a lot of folks get suckered into listening to their so called “advice” – – and get nowhere.

And lest you think this applies to fitness alone, think again.

You’ve got people giving you all sorts of nonsense on LIFE – and business itself – advice that is NOT steeped in reality and the world of common sense – but instead advice that “Joe Blow Shchmo” told ’em  – and advice that is usually completely WRONG with regard to the situation at hand.

For instance, when I tell most people the most important of running a biz – any biz – isn’t just the products, marketing and effort you put in – it’s your THINKING – and your VISION that really counts, they pooh pooh it.

“Oh, that can’t be true! Hard work , and hard work alone combined with positive thinking does the trick!”

Hmm. Really? If hard work alone were the trick, then the vast majority of folks in the world, including a lot in the “third world” that labor away daily for a living should be multi-billionaires, right?

And more to the point, when you ask these people the question – how many successful businesses did they create – or products, for that matter – or the eternal question “what qualifies them to dispense said advice” – you hear CRICKETS.

I’m not kidding, my friend.

A lot of the “gurus” out there haven’t only not followed the “advice” they’re giving – – they have NO idea on if that advice is even accurate or not.

Simply reading books and then “regurgitating” that knowledge doesn’t work, my friend. It stinks of B.S. and I for one can smell it a mile away, if not more.

Other hand, if someone has BEEN THERE and DONE that – and has literally “walked a mile in similar shoes” (or worse) –  well then that vibe communicates itself naturally as well.

Napoleon Hill speaks about the down times in his life in his book “Outwitting the Devil“, and amongst all the other gems in that book, here is a quote worth remembering –

I faced the greatest emergency of my life. Unless you have gone through a similar experience, you cannot possibly know how I felt. Such experiences cannot be described. To be understood they must be felt.

Indeed, my friend – indeed!

And where I’m leading up to is here – first, when you get fitness advice from me, it’s coming from someone that’s literally BEEN in the trenches – been there, done that.

My advice might be unconventional and completely opposite what the “experts” recommend – and yet – does it work?

When I talk about visualization – and it’s benefits – its’ not just me “speaking”! It’s not just “hot air” – it actually works- and if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this to you today.

But the most important reason I’m telling you this – is – again – stay away from the “shmexperts”. If there is one thing worse than NOT taking action – it’s taking action advised by those that have never actually BEEN in your position – or done what you’re trying to do.

Believe me – the experience of having BEEN there and DONE that cannot be beat – not by textbooks – not my “fancy shmnacy” marketing – and certainly not by a bunch of glamour surrounding the person’s services!

Alright, my friend – that’s it for now. I’ll be back again later! In the meantime – don’t forget to KEEP it REAL – – and if you work out today, make it a great, great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If what I mentioned about not being able to even hang on to a chinning bar for any length of time strikes a chord, well, take heart. You’re not alone. I’ve been there, and plenty of others are there WITH YOU right now. Grab the course that they’re all following – and get cracking on the road to pull-up mastery NOW –http://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

P.S #2 – What I just told you holds as true for my latest product “Gumption Galore”. Not only is it all STRAIGHT from the heart – but the advice in there, like all my other advice has been tested multiple times by not just me – but anyone that’s achieved anything of note in his or her life. Get your paws on this little gem right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/gumption-galore/

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