Seasons greeting and a very happy Diwali indeed from 0 Excuses HQ
- Here's to a great, great year ahead!

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Dear Reader,

A while ago a long time reader of this email wrote to tell me that “for someone that didn’t believe in God, many of my messages contained a strong spiritual content“.

He was spot on, of course. While I’ve been a practicing atheist for as long as I can remember – the Universe – and Universal Energy – and everything related HAS always been something I have believed strongly in – and that belief is evident from a lot of the emails I send out.

And for someone that’s been called everything from a “Modern Day Gandhi” to a “Yoda” to … get this, Jesus as well (back when I had long, flowing hair down to my waist in college, and when I first moved to China) – and for someone that can be uber spiritual at times, it does come across as a surprise to a lot of people that I  do not believe in the concept of either “God” or “religion” per se.

Nothing against those that do, of course – and while I’m NOT a fan of socialism in the least – the Karl Marx quote he made about religion being the opium of the masses strikes me as being true – especially if you look at a lot of the current strife going on in the modern day world.

Anyway, this message isn’t about that.

This message is to tell  you that I’m currently in India (though not for too much longer), and being I’m in North India today, and being it’s the festival of lights (and firecrackers too in many parts of the country, hehe) – I’m not going to talk biz in this email – instead, I’ll wish you and your family a very happy Diwali.

Earlier on this year I did pretty much the same thing during Chinese Lunar New Year (I was in China at the time) – – and if just to celebrate it a bit more, I ended up creating “Eat more – Weigh Less” right there during the mayhem of the festival – and had pictures taken right there on the HILL I so love.

A few years ago, I was in Oman – right smack during the holy festival of “Id-ul-Fitr” – – and IIRC, though don’t shoot me if I’m wrong, I was wishing folks a very happy Eid on my list!

And in between, and as always, Thanksgiving and Christmas hold a special place in my heart – NOT because of my beliefs – or not – in religion, but because they’re a time (in my opinion) to cherish family – friends – and those that matter – and care about you.

And so in that vein, that’s that for today. My wife and daughter have been out for a while celebrating with gusto, and I’ll post a few pictures on the Instagram account as well for y’all to see – – so if you haven’t yet “followed” me on there – it’s time to do so NOW!

Well, my friend, that’s it for today. Have a great “Indian” new year ahead – and as we head on full blast into the holiday season as you and I know it – be prepared for great, great things to come from 0 Excuses headquarters!

Much love, and make the upcoming year the very best ever in ALL terms!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Remember too that we’re always open for biz – 24/7/365 – and if you’re looking for the perfect “festival” gifts  –  or simply looking to complete a purchase (for those of you that haven’t over the past week) – well, now’s the time to do it – right here – –

P.S. – We’re “0excusesfitness” on Instagram – make sure to follow us NOW if you haven’t already. Photos coming up soon …

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