“Why are your ebooks so expensive?”
- ... Its ALL about VALUE, my friend!

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Dear Reader,

Well, well, well.

My last email on pull-ups seemed to have caused quite a stir indeed – – both in terms of actual ORDERS – – and those that showed up at the order page, and then never actually ordered the product.

If thats you – the System has probably sent you a reminder by now – – make sure to get your order in NOW while it’s still “sitting pretty” in the ole shopping cart, hehe.

I received a couple of inquiries about the “techniques” I advised in the last post on pull-ups – – and I’ll get to those in future emails, but for now, I received an email from a reader on my list who “thought my ebooks are too expensive and wants to know why”.

Now, this is nothing new to me, of course. A few emails ago I wrote about a reader who read my Gorilla Grip books – – and the FIRST thing he mentioned in his review (along with a lot of bitching about the price) was THIS.

This is basically a list of exercises and variations which the author claims will build grip. There is no doubt they work …

And while I could post that lengthy review here (let me know if y’all want to read it, and I will!) – the first thought that struck me was this – Dude, you’d be better off WORKING the exercises that you rightly say WORK – rather than complaining about the price!

He’s not alone, of course, and this morning I received the following from Steve, a reader on this list.

Hi Rahul,

Why are your ebooks so much more expensive than any others?



Now normally I’d disregard such emails – but the person asked in the right spirit – and I could feel a good vibe coming from his email, so I figured I’d answer at length.

Here goes – my response –

Hi Steve

Thanks for your message as well as your question.

Expensive is all “relative” to me. I’m not unashamed to say my products and services (basically, the info I deliver) if used correctly will deliver FAR BETTER – – and far longer lasting at that – – results than most trainees would get either training in the gym or “by their lonesome”.

When it comes to pull-ups (that last email of mine generated quite a buzz seemingly) – – those are some of the hardest exercises for folks to do … and the advice given by most personal trainers or the “bros” at the gym is so far off the mark it ain’t even funny.

If you “tally” up the gym fees – –  and consider the fact that most gym memberships are left UNUSED for the most part – – well, I don’t think you’ll think my products are that expensive.

But I’m not that interested in the money to be honest. To me, TIME is far more important. TIME, to me is MONEY … and if you tally up the TIME spent not only battling traffic etc to get to the gym after work – – not to mention the time spent IN the gym – – time that ultimately doesn’t get you the results you want – – results which you could have got for training the right way in a FRACTION of the time – -well, I don’t think my ebooks are expensive at all.

If anything, given the sheer amount of time I’ve spent in the trenches – – someone who is most definitely not “naturally gifted” or an athletic sort to begin with … and the amount of time I’ve spent learning what works – – and what doesn’t – – I’d say I’m offering my ebooks and other products for a downright STEAL!

I received a similar comment from a person who bought my “Gorilla Grip” books. He complained the product was expensive, and yet – – the FIRST thing he wrote in his review was this “There is no doubt the exercise WORK!”

If the exercises work, and work they did – – better than what he had tried before apparently – – I’d say the “price of admission” was well worth it!

Either way, I’ve been known to offer discounts on occasion – – the testimonial featured on the initial Pull-ups – –  from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS was one such instance, as I could tell the person was sincerely interested in getting better at pull-ups – – which he did after all – – and bear in mind that was the INITIAL course – – WITHOUT the additions I made later on. Just think of the benefits he’d have gotten if he had got the course as it is now!

That, of course is another reason I have the 0 Excuses Ship page (this was NOT there until a year or so ago) – – where you can access ALL 0 Excuses Fitness products (current and upcoming) GRATIS – – along with input from yours truly that will move you along to your health and fitness (and indeed, life as well if you look at it a certain way) goals QUICKER than you ever imagined possible. All yours for a yearly membership fee, if you’re so inclined.

In conclusion, it’s not about the money. It’s about value – – and for what I charge, I believe and KNOW for a fact that I’m delivering value far greater than the “dollar value” you pay to access the info.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, I understand – – on the other hand, if you’re truly ready to make the quantum leap into a whole new world of health and fitness – – a world that will BENEFIT you far more than you ever imagined – – well – – I’m HERE for you too, my brother.

Let me know which road you choose to take!


Rahul Mookerjee

Well, my friend – that truly IS it for now. In conclusion – if price is more important to you than VALUE – well, you’re probably on the wrong page.

Feel free to unsubscribe from the list if price is the only thing you’re concerned about, as I highly doubt I’m going to be “low balling” my products anytime soon – – not around “dis neck of the woods”, at any rate, hehe.

But (and as I told Steve) – if you’re truly interested in making the QUANTUM leap into a WHOLE NEW world of health and fitness – – and getting benefits far beyond what you have been thus far – – and imagined possible – – well – – I’m right HERE for you as well!

Alright, my friend – that is it for now. Happy Diwali to all you readers out there as well – ’tis the festival of lights out there today – – and I better go get in a quick workout before the firecrackers start, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, for those of you that believe the products are “too expensive” – well, that is precisely the reason I set up the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP page. An “inner circle” of sorts where you not only get access to ALL my products – GRATIS – both future and current products – but you also have access to yours truly, as well as OTHERS truly interested in taking that quantum leap I spoke about. The Ship delivers value that is truly PRICELESS, my friend. If I were to put a dollar tag on all of it, I’d probably go upwards of $2000 or more – but I’m not – for now.  You can sign up for far less than that – and do it right here – http://0excusesfitness.com/groups/0-excuses-ship/

P.S #2 – We also have compilations for a few of our products (good news for those of  you that fall into the “price comparison” bracket) – – check ’em out at the products page right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/products/


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