More on Milo and the calf
- And carrying "odd" objects

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Dear Reader,

I’ve written earlier about the story of Milo and the Calf – quite a popular post that was if I might say so, and how I used a variant of it in my “training” one fine Sunday evening.

Now for those of that haven’t read it, in brief – Milo was an old time strongman and wrestler from Italy that won about a bazillion awards at the Olympic (and other) games in his time.

I’m not sure what the specific term was for the “Games” back then – it escapes my mind, but I do know that Milo was counted very highly in terms of his athletic prowess – – as well as noted for his TREMENDOUS strength and overall power.

He was also a bonafide Periodonikes – which for those of you not in the know equates to a “grand slam champ” at WORST today – and far, far more at best!

They built them STRONG back then – and one of the things (or one of the PRIMARY METHODS he used, I should say) to build this amazing, rugged strength was to carry a baby calf on his shoulders daily – for miles on end – and he kept this up daily.

Day by day, the calf grew, and Milo kept carrying it on his shoulders until one fine day the calf matured into a massive BULL – sitting “pretty” on Milo’s gigantic shoulders, as it were!

I don’t think I need to tell you the sort of strength this kind of routine would build, of course?

Now while I practice a variant of this in my own training (see the linked post above) – – I took this to another level yesterday.

We finished eating lunch – and it was off to the park for a much needed “energy burn” for my little girl. She’s been on a steady diet of dumbphones and Tee Vee for the past few days, and much like a dog that goes stir crazy if you don’t allow it exercise – she was getting cranky as well.

‘Tis normal for young kids to move about CONTINUALLY – get exhausted – and then start all over again. Unfortunately it hardly, if ever happens in modern day society – hence all the problems with childhood (and of course adult) obesity as well.

So off it was to a local nearby park.

The sun was out. My daughter had her fill on the machines at the “outdoor gym for geriatrics” as I like to call it – but hey, those machines give a 5 year old an excellent workout, and as she was done grunting, pushing and pulling – she wanted more.

And as we sat on the grass, it struck me.

“Hey, Barbara. Why don’t we go to Daddy’s park … you know, the one I go to daily?”

(That one is about a 15 minute or so walk from my house).

“It’s too far … ”

“Oh no! It’s not, honey – it’s very near! Just 10 minutes – just 600 seconds!”

“Just 600?”

“Just that!”

“Let’s go, Daddy!” (and this above bit should be instructional to those with kids that cut up a bit too much and never “listen” to their parents! Hehe).

And off it was to the park – and en route, of course, it was back to the “Milo and the Calf” routine.

I must have lugged her on my shoulders for about 30% of the initial trip there – and then a lot in the park as well, which is a bit of a hilly park with slopes up and down hither, thither and yonder.

She got her fill of the monkey bars – swings – and some other stuff – and actually swung herself across the monkey bars in a way that would put most adults to shame.

And that tired her out – and on the way back, of course, it was a double dose of Milo and the calf for yours truly.

And as I carried her back, it wasn’t like having a backpack on my shoulders – or lugging a “weight” back.

No – this was a wriggly, slippery, giggly 5 year old – hard to grab – and hard to keep on one shoulder for any length of time – not to mention the extra weight each day – and when you factor in the fact that it was a 3 km walk to and from the park – and a few more IN the park – well – you’ll get an idea of why I was starting to get fatigued as I carried her back!

That wasn’t all, of course.

‘Twas off to the market for some snacks after that – another km or so for Milo – and of course his little calf – and by the end of it all ,I came home and collapsed in my chair, not to move for a good hour or so.

Today, I feel sore in the following areas – traps and triceps (especially) – this for a guy who pounds out pull-ups and dips galore daily.

My chest feels like it’s gotten a solid workout in – and my calves are sore (this from a guy who bounds up hills regularly!).

Not to mention my abs which seem to have taken a pounding during the 3 hour or so adventure we had – – all in all, a solid overall body workout.

And this is but ONE testament to the power of workouts like these – as opposed to when you’re lugging weights – or something that is easy to grip and hold and handle.

Sure, weights build strength. But try hoisting a barbell to your shoulders – and then a partially filled beer keg – or sandbag – of the same weight to your shoulders – for REPS – and tell me which is harder.

Which gives you more cardio. And so forth.

I’ll bet it’s the latter – because it ain’t easy to grip for one – and two, because you have to CONTROL the weight in all directions as you lift and hold – as opposed to a dumbbell or barbell which requires none of the above.

In Fast and Furious Fitness, I wrote about the importance of including “odd object training” in your routine.

I believe I’ve mentioned this in 0 Excuses Fitness as well, but even if not – the exercises therein are the perfect “odd” training you need for your entire body.

These exercises will make you move – and handle your own bodyweight in ways you never have before – and they’ll leave you sore from HEAD TO TOE the first time you start doing ’em. Believe me now and trust me later, you’ll truly be getting workout of your LIVES when you do these.

And that’s one reason the fat will fly off your frame quicker than ever before when you get started on this System.

You’ll turn into a lean, mean fighting machine – and feel like a billion bucks as well.

Can’t beat all them benefits, me thinks!

So if you haven’t yet “gotten on the stick” as yet, my friend here is where to do it – –

I’ll be waiting to welcome you on board!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While Milo was ONE example of the tremendous power this sort of training can build – he wasn’t the only one. Ever seen the upper body development of old time slaves carrying “Cleopatra” on a litter – or perhaps Ben Hur in the movie? Believe me, this sort of training builds IMMENSE strength – not to mention endurance and CONFIDENCE in spades as well – and you’ll want to learn how to build these attributes right here —

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