The best ab exercise ever
- It'll also give you a grip and shoulder workout like never before!

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Dear Reader,

I got through an extra special workout last night – a workout where I added in many exercises I haven’t done for a while.

And at the end of it all I finished off with a “core special” – or should I say “ab blaster” routine – a routine that will have even the most advanced of trainees running for the HILLS the first few times they attempt it.

Probably why the eyes were bulging on one of the girls that walked by with dog in tow. “Crazy”, was something she muttered as she passed on by – and hey – she’s right – but it’s not me that’s crazy.

It’s my results that are crazy – – and today, the exercise I’m talking about (or going to, at any rate) is a core blaster bar NONE – and an ab builder EL SUPREMO.

This one exercise done RIGHT (hint – most people do NOT do it right) – will not only build your core – and a set of rock solid abs (if you’ve been craving that 12 pack – well, you’ll get it once you get good at this movement) – but will also give you a GRIP AND SHOULDER workout like never before!

And I should know.  My grip is still “singing” right now, and if I’ve got more typos in this email than usual – I apologize. My fingers feel swollen to about triple their normal size – and certain areas of my forearms are still “pulsing” with a life of their own!

And any serious grip enthusiast knows the feeling.

As for the exercise itself? What is it, you may ask?

Well, some of you have probably guessed it – and guessed right. It’s none other than the hanging leg raise – an exercise that is truly unparalleled in terms of building the abs – and the core – and the BODY as a whole.

Thing is this though – most people don’t get near the results they should from this excellent exercise.

And if you’ve been working on it – chances are you haven’t either – because guess what – the way this exercise is taught to most people is NOT the right way.

Most trainees focus on “getting the legs up” – which is good – but they neglect to do it the right way.

And I’ll give you a hint right here – – the legs are NOT what you should be focusing on during the movement!

Additionally, a lot of folks think that the movement stops once you get your legs either halfway up – or touching the bar – or beyond.

Wrong, my friend. There is a lot more to it – and technique and form are paramount on this great exercise.

My Instagram and Twitter accounts have a few pictures of me doing this exercise.

As for the “how to” and the skinny on this and other truly superior exercises, you’ll have to hark on over to Corrugated Core, and I’ve got you covered there with not just this ONE movement, but 49 other movements that’ll give you the core and ab workout of your lives.

You truly CAN kiss goodbye to that flabby midsection once you crack open this course, my friend!

Without further ado, then, hurry on over to and place your order – and get started building the midsection of your dreams NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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