Treadmills gathering dust …
- Yet another reason to avoid expensive "home gyms"!

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Dear Reader and fellow fitness enthusiast,

It’s all the rage these days to have “home gyms”, isn’t it?

We see these expensive machines on late night TV. The “Bowflex” machines that you can set up at home and get them “striated” pecs and “ripped” abs.

The tummy trimmers that miraculously promise to deliver six pack abs with “a few minutes use daily” while watching T.V. – – and of course, the fine print states there are no refunds or exchanges possible.

And the treadmills, of course, offered in various sizes, shapes and colors – replete with a s-e-x-y looking model of course – usually with a cup of coffee and smartphone in hand while exercising.

You might think this to be odd, but this is exactly the sort of ad out there these days – ads that pander to folks LAZINESS – as opposed to sparking the desire to actually GET in better SHAPE – and by that I mean overall health, fitness and strength.

In fact, I was browsing through my wechat list a while ago, and I saw an update – one amongst many, of course – from a guy whose another of those “selfie kings” as it were – and a guy that took pictures with his feet strapped into a “rowing machine”.

Apparently the rowing left his hands free to take a selfie …

UGH. The madness makes me want to puke!

But anyway, so a few years back I was invited to teach a group of kindergarten kids English.

Now, teaching English in China is NOT something I enjoy doing – but I’ve done it in the past for a select bunch of people. Ms. Mao was one of the people I did it for, and there have been others as well.

So this girl Rendy that I knew vaguely invited me over for a class (or three it was, I believe – or maybe four) – and while the classes were interesting enough from a certain standpoint, the point of this email was her verandah – and what was on it.

A huge, massive treadmill stood there in solitude – with towels draped on the handles, and laundry basket on the actual “tread”.

“That’s interesting, Rendy”, I pointed out, looking in it’s direction. “Do you ever use that thing – or have you?”


“That”, I said, pointing at the treadmill.

“Oh, that”, she laughed. “No, I just bought it and left it there. It’s so boring to use, you know!”

“What about the weights there?”

She had a few weights lying around which were acting as “paperweights” as it were – little pink teeny dumbells.

“Oh, those! I bought them a while ago, but … I tried to tone my upper arms with them, but it never worked, and uh, after a few sessions, I just … ”

And so forth. I think you can guess the rest of the story, eh?

It probably sounds familiar to those of you that have bought expensive gadgets and the like from late night T.V. thinking it’ll fix your “expanding belly” – or perhaps “build the massive chest you’ve always wanted” – or whatever the ads have you think.

And it probably sounds equally familiar to those of you with gym memberships that hardly ever get the results they want, and end up NOT using the majority of what they paid for anyway.

Por ejemplo, the contact of mine who posted a selfie of himself while rowing. Now, rowing is an excellent exercise – but done right, or done at all, it requires two arms, and it’s certainly NOT possible to use phones while doing it – let alone take perfect selfies!

Put that guy out on an actual boat, and I bet you my bottom dollar that smartphone would be lost to the annals of the water the minute he tried to take a selfie while ACTUALLY rowing!

Anyway, Rendy herself was a slim enough lady – but perhaps too slim.

And in her case, given just how skinny and weak she was, I advised her to actually GAIN some weight – not necessarily by eating, but by doing the right exercises.

“Oh, I’m fine”, she giggled. “Chinese girls all like this!”

Which of course was short form for saying “Yes, I know, but I’m not really in the mood to change what is!”

And that’s all good, of course.

If you’re content to buy expensive gadget that sit around – gather dust – and are eventually used as laundry hangers – fine by me!

If you’re content to go to the park and use the dipping bars to perch yourself – or your jacket on – as opposed to actually do the EXERCISE – that is fine too.

Ditto for the selfie kings and queens at the gym.

Other hand though, if you’re interested in REAL health, strength and fitness – – and routines that WORK?

Routines that you can STICK to – routines that give you enough variety to never ever get bored?

Routines that require very little, if any investment at all?

And most of all, routines that YOU CAN use – and routines that deliver the results you want?

Well – in that case – I’m right here for you, my friend!

My 0 Excuses Fitness System is just what the doctor ordered for you – and once you invest in this System – you’ll truly understand why I say once you go 0 Excuses – you never, ever go back!

Pop on over to the order page, and lets do this, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with 0 Excuses Fitness, another little gem of a book that is an absolute must grab is Eat More – Weigh Less ; a book truly tailored for you gluttons out there that simply can’t resist that chocolate – or pastry – pudding – or more – after meals. Good news is, you CAN partake of all this and still lose weight. Here is how to do it – –

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