Changing things up every once in a while
- Variety is KEY!

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Dear Reader,

This evening I went out to the park, full of vim, vigor and gusto – after a short afternoon nap to recharge my batteries.

Despite the hoo haa about “lazy people taking naps” – I’ve found catnaps to be an immensely helpful tool in my success arsenal – – and one that often helps me finds solutions to vexing problems I’ve been facing.

Most of the great thinkers, philosophers and inventors of yore took naps regularly.

Thomas Edison would regularly stretch out in his office when stumped (while working upon a problem). Einstein was known to have slept for more than 10 hours a day. And so forth.

Naps truly ARE rejunevative in MORE ways than one.

Naps truly DO connect you even more to Infinite Intelligence when you program your mind correctly PRE nap, but … yes, that ain’t the point of this email!

So I showed up, fully expecting an encore of the awesome workouts I’ve been having – mostly pull-ups and handstand pushups (and dips) these days.

But for whatever reason, the pull-ups just didn’t “feel right today”.

Jumped up to the pull-up bar, did one – and slowly down again. Nah. Didn’t quite feel right.

Loosened up a bit. Did some patented Rahul Mookerjee back’n’forth on the monkey bars (yet another tip right there for those of y’all looking to blast past your current pull-up levels, and one I’ve included in the course) … but nothing doing.

By this point I’m normally rocking out sets of 5, followed by 8 – and then 10 – but today, although I got the numbers – ’twas a chore, and I was proceeding a lot slower than usual.

So after about 5 or so, I figured I’d change things up on the fly.

Went over to a semi-hilly area of the park, and pumped out sprints and roadwork – which of course I do LATER – and usually AFTER my workout.

Tonight was an exception though.

As the sweat started to POUR (in this cold weather) – I returned to my pull-ups and pounded out about 28 or so.

And then that feeling hit me again.

Though I’d normally hit dips after that – like I said – ’twasn’t the right day today.

So instead, I dropped down on all fours (no, NOT that sort of “all fours”!) – – and did an exercise that got me huffing, puffing and panting like NOBODY’s business.

It wasn’t a pushup – and it wasn’t mountain climbers – or grasshoppers – or anything of that nature.

It was yet another one of those forgotten yet brutally effective exercises I haven’t done in a while, and though I did them all the time earlier this year in China, I haven’t hit ’em hard for the past few months.

And boy was I sweating and out of breath – and feeling like a billion bucks in a minute or so!

What is this exercise?

Well, you’ll have to crack open Eat More – Weigh Less – – it’s a mainstay of the routines there – and boy does it work or what!

But anyway, key thing is this – I finished my workout STRONG – and get this – with BETTER numbers than before – despite starting out not feeling on top of the world!

And that happens to all of us. I’m sure ALL of you know the feeling, eh?

You show up at the park – o r living room – or gym – with the best of intentions, but somehow it “doesn’t quite work the way it should”.

You don’t just feel “right” doing what you are – and though STICKING to an exercise program no matter what is the hallstone of a successful athlete – or EVERYDAY person looking to get the FITTEST they’ve ever been – changing things up occasionally is key too.

It’s key NOT to let your body get into a rut – and once it does, you gotta break out of it asap.

I don’t care if we’re talking LIFE – or exercise – or relationships – or fitness – there is no “rut”.

You either keep progressing – or you end up moving downhill – and FAST – and thats not good, my friend.

And that is precisely one of the main draw cards of the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

I give you so many exercises – and so many variations – that along with the fact that EACH of these exercise can give you a solid, butt kicking workout unto themselves, you’ve got PLENTY of variety right there right under your noses.

You’ll never get bored with these routines – and you sure aint gonna be stuck “in a rut” as it were.

And thats it for today. If you’re truly looking for the smorgasbord of routines that’ll get you in the very best shape of your life – well – look no further than the 0 Excuses Fitness System – right here –

I look forward to welcoming you on board!


Rahul Mookerjee

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