You won’t need no more cardio once you do this
- Get good ... VERY GOOD ... at the Hindu Squat!

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Dear reader,

What if there was ONE exercise that I could name for you that would give YOU the following benefits –

  • An overall body workout in less than 15 minutes TOPS (I mean tops).
  • Excellent cardio – – in fact, SUPERIOR cardio – – heart pounding cardio – – in LESS than 10 minutes – – if you even make it that far when you first start?
  • Thighs like granite – and calves that have that “springy” feel to them – along with the required “diamond shaped” muscle
  • A chest, shoulder and upper back workout without even trying to get one in …

And much, much more – along with the fact that this ONE exercise is all you’d need to do in your routine – and that this ONE exercise can be done right smack in your living room – or anywhere you have enough space to swing your arms.

I don’t know about you – but if I were you, I’d probably jump at it – literally so.

I mean, I’ve spoken about sprints – pushups – and other exercises that can be done anywhere and don’t take near as long as most pavement pounding or “treadmill treading” does – and accomplish FAR better results, but the benefits you’ll from getting good at this one – and usually IGNORED exercise are second to none – -and are DIFFERENT from the benefits you get from all the above.

Not only ignored – it’s one of the most misunderstood exercises out there.

Sadly so, as it’s really one of the BEST things you can do for yourself exercise wise.

It’s a cornerstone of the 0 Excuses Fitness program – and without further ado – it  is the Hindu Squat, my friend.

The Hindu squat as done by wrestlers and strongmen of yore for high reps.

The Hindu squat as done CORRECTLY – as opposed to how most people teach it out there.

The Hindu Squat which will kick most bodybuilders and weight pumpers in the CAN the FIRST – second – and probably TENTH time they try it as well. It’s not uncommon for people with gigantic legs that can squat well over quarter a ton to fall flat on their backsides when they attempt a few reps of this excellent exercise.

Many years ago, I started doing this exercise the way it was supposed to, and let me tell you this right now – I wasn’t exactly a novice in terms of exercise even back then.

I had been swimming for years. I’d bang out 100-200 pushups daily before work.

I’d sprint subway stairs. I’d do plenty of running otherwise. And of course, I was well accustomed to that daily hill climb I’ve spoken about so often too.

And yet, nothing prepared me for the Hindu squats – much less the extraordinary benefits I reaped from doing ’em.

Not only did my cardiovascular capabilities go through the roof – a fact reflected in my performance on other exercises – but my thighs and calves increased in shape and size TREMENDOUSLY.

Folks have often commented on the “diamond shaped” calves I’ve got on the old cover of “Eat More – Weigh Less” and while the routines in there certainly played their part, NONE of it would be possible without the base conditioning and overall fitness MEGA boost I got from this one exercise.

It’s certainly one exercise you’ll benefit from – – if done right – – and for all you pavement pounders out there – – and all the weight pumpers that seem to be unable to get rid of belly flab no matter what – – it’s definitely worth a look!

Grab the System right here, and learn how to perform this truly superlative exercise from yours truly right HERE –

You’ll be raving about the benefits you get – that I do guarantee!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another great little course that has been flying off the shelves as of late is Corrugated Core – 50 exercises that are tailor made to give YOU the corrugated midsection of your dreams. Grab the little monster right here – –

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