Pushups and ABS
- ... and why I never do a single situp!

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Dear Reader,

Way back in the day when I first came out with Fast and Furious Fitness, I included sit-ups in the book as a good ab exercise to do.

My dislike for crunches is well known of course, and with good reason – crunches are perhaps the most worthless exercise out there, despite the hype and hoo haa attached to them.

And yet, although I did include situps in my first book – and although sit-ups are a good exercise by themselves – and although I DID do sit-ups back in the day, I no longer do ’em.

In fact, even when I did do them back in the day I wasn’t getting the results I wanted – and that drove me to look for newer and better ways of getting the strong core and abs that I always wanted.

Many years later, I came out with the 0 Excuses Fitness System – something you are no doubt familiar with by now – and the System doesn’t include a SINGLE situp or any of it’s variants in it.

That’s right – a book – and System on fitness and WEIGHT LOSS with NO situps – and yet, the results speak for themselves, don’t they?

My own results bear testament to the fact that sit-ups are by no means essential to an exercise program – and so do the results that plenty of other folks have gotten after starting the System.

Now does this mean sit-ups are BAD – or something you cant – or shouldn’t do?

Not at all. That label is reserved for crunches. And in fact, there ARE some ways you can do the sit-up – certain variants if I may – that are immensely beneficial to your entire body – and a couple of these, including the “coffin situp” are included in Corrugated Core – well worth a look methinks.

But back to how I do things – and how I got that six pack – and lean, functionally strong core – and that look that everyone craves?

Well the answer may surprise you – or then again, it may not!

Hill climbs were part of it. The hanging leg raise was and IS certainly a huge factor as are pull-ups.

But both of those above exercises are things the average Joe cannot or might not be able to do.

Good news though – is this. What I did for the most part to obtain the core I’ve got today is something YOU too can do – something ANYONE can do – in the privacy of their own home – and obtain spectacular results if they keep at it a while.

And that being this – a 100 pushups a day. Simple! 

It doesn’t take long at all if you do things right either. Between 12-15 minutes is ALL that 100 pushups should take if you do ’em right and incorporate the breathing techniques I outline in the System.

Pushups, my friend, are one of the very best things you can do for your abs – and entire core. The pushing movement that goes on during the movement forces  your core to work overtime to stabilize your body – and the “burn” you’ll feel in your abs after heavy duty pushup workouts are like no other.

Believe me now and trust me later, there is a REASON I call pushups the best exercise ever, and what they do for the abs is part of that reason!

Here is a simple little routine anyone can pump out in the comfort of their own living room –

  • 25 regular pushups
  • 15 reverse pushups
  • 10 “Table” pushups

That’s 50 pushups right there – and if you do ’em in proper form, and haven’t done ’em for a while, you’ll be feeling it for sure. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that most people that try these will not be able to do the exercises correctly on the first – or second – or even third attempt – not to mention not meet the numbers requirement on the exercises either.

Yours truly is no exception either. Ive been doing these exercises for years, and I’m STILL improving and making adjustments every time I do ’em – and feeling it in my abs as well, hehe.

Take the above routine, multiply by 2 – and mix’n’match with what is there in the System until you get to a 100. Keep at it religiously for a month or so, and report back on the results.

I bet you anything your abs will feel different – more solid than they were before – and I’ll bet you’ll have lost more FAT around the midsection with this little bitty routine than you would from hours of pavement pounding, biking, walking and what not.

Give it a shot – let me know how it works for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, if you absolutely MUST do sit-ups “coffin” situps are a great way to do ’em. Here is where you can learn how to do ’em – http://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

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