“Every day is too much. You need to work!”
- More on working out daily, and a few more spanners in the works!

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Dear Reader,

I’ve often spoken about the value of doing something everyday workout wise – and LIFEWISE – in order to achieve optimal results at whatever it is you might be engaged in.

You don’t go for a max every day if you don’t want – in fact, that is not a good idea anyway – but you DO SOMETHING – and do something daily!

I’ve often likened fitness to a bank account – – the more you put in, the more the money accumulates, and the more you save – – and the more you GAIN for the long term.

And rightly so. Way too many people have bought into the “three days a week” training schedules promoted at the gyms (schedules tailormade to appeal to the “lazy” part of our subconscious minds) – and “split” schedules that claim to be able to build muscle and burn fat while “doing back one day” – and legs the next – and perhaps the middle part of your bicep the third – and so forth.

Train the NATURAL way is what I say – and natural means doing something EVERY DAY as opposed to being a weekend warrior or “going to the gym three times a week”.

Anyway, with all the above in mind – I was speaking to a lady from mainland China today.

She is from Ningbo, a coastal city in China I’ve been to in the past – a beautiful city indeed with beaches and mountains aplenty, and I was telling her about my love for hiking – and how I’d hike DAILY back in China in my favorite park.

And her response was predictable, of course (despite the fact that this lady hikes on weekends as well).

Every day is too much! You need to work.

And of course, I was going to start to tell her why it’s NOT too much – and why it’s actually good to workout daily BEFORE “work” (play, hehe) … but I figured I’d write this email to y’all first, as a lot of YOU probably believe that “daily workouts are too much too!”

No – they’re not!

Aside from the bank account analogy I’ve told you about above, working out daily the NATURAL WAY gives you a natural endorphin and hormone boost that gyms and pumping weights with the bros can’t match. 

Ever wake up  in the morning bright and early, full of pep and vigor, ready to tackle the world … only for that energy to fizz out as soon as you reach the office, or in traffic on the way?

Well – if you workout before going to work (and believe me, it don’t take long at all as I’ve said in the past) – – these energy issues will be a thing of the past.

Not only that – you’ll have a far more calmer and focused mind – and will be far more alert to problems and challenges coming your way – and solutions as well.

I couldn’t IMAGINE a life without working out daily – or doing something every day. The few days that I do take off are usually days where I’m crankier than a hibernating grizzly – or a domestic dog locked up for a few days and not being allowed to run around – and that alone should tell you something.

And now, for the ultimate spanner in the works on this!

I’ve been dealing with a bit of a muscle pull as of late – – a muscle TWINGE, perhaps I should say – – in the lower back region.

Now, the reasons for this aren’t what you might think.

Yes, I’ve been pounding out pushups, pull-ups and running sprints galore these days – which is hard enough by itself, but thats not the reason.

I’ve been working on an advanced version of the hanging leg raise – – and will have videos shortly out on this upon my return to China – – a version that really, really kills the lower back – – but this isn’t the reason either.

No – it’s because of what I’ve been doing both BEFORE and AFTER my workouts.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of “miscellaneous” stuff these days if you get my drift – stuff that requires me to constantly run around from one place to the other – be on my feet all day – and so forth.

Those of you with families etc will identify.

Dropping the kids off to school. Dealing with them getting sick. Dealing with the right paperwork, vaccinations etc … and then of course dealing with the “office” and everything in between as well.

Well, although I don’t deal with the office for one, I’ve been having some stuff go on in my life that has been stressing me out a bit – – and sure enough, my lower back is “talking to me”.

I don’t know why – but the lower back and hamstrings are a perfect indicator of the stress levels in your life, and how you cope with them.

The pain was fairly acute yesterday, so I didn’t do a lot fitness wise, but I did so something – and I feel a heck of a lot better tdday.

Moral of the story – is this – if you’re “just training” and have not much else going on in your life, then by all means go all out daily – and you should in that case.

But for those of you that have other stuff going on as well — make sure to set your workouts up in a way that it doesn’t hamper your daily activities – and so you can recover faster.

It all ties into what I’ve said above, of course.

Do SOMETHING – everyday. Doesn’t have to be a max push, but as long as you’re putting some more “money” into the Bank of Fitness, then that is really what counts for the long term!

All for now. I just sent the lady my website. Who knows – perhaps we’ll be welcoming her onto the 0 Excuses Ship soon too!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re dealing with a bazillion and one things at work – home – and elsewhere. It can be hard to keep at a routine day in and day out without any inspiration coming your way – and if you enjoy these emails, and want MORE – then the 0 Excuses Ship is the PERFECT place for you, my friend. Not only will you have access to yours truly – and information you will NOT get in these emails – but you’ll have access to all our products GRATIS as well.

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