How “Dangerous Dan” built his legendary gripping strength
- And a couple of forgotten grip exercises!

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Dear Reader,

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Dan Hodge, the only wrestler in history that was NEVER pinned in all his matches at college level?

The guy who at the age of 80 – and above – can  be seen regularly crushing apples – with one hand! 

The guy who as a teen could walk a football field on his hands, and hold a one arm handstand for long periods of time?

A much feared, admired and RESPECTED wrestler – and since this email is about GRIP – Dan was reputed to have fingers so strong that he could snap a pair of steel pliers – with – get this – one hand!

Now, there are plenty of reasons why Dan became as strong as he did – and apart from the face that he’s said to have double tendons in his hands, he also grew up on a farm and did heavy manual labor from a young age.

Farm work is something that will get you STRONG – and quick – if you do it the right way – – and Dan did plenty of cotton picking and milking cows while tending to his chores on the farm – exercises that would build the base for that corsucating grip and finger strength that he later developed to the fullest.

But not all of us have a farm to workout on – – or cows to milk – – so  today I’ll talk about two exercises that Dan Hodge used – and one in particular that he was HUGELY fond of.

Exercises that are nigh forgotten by the public – and exercises that are AMAZINGLY effective in building a solid cast iron “black smith” like grip which most folks crave.

And no, it’s not pull-ups – or hanging leg raises – or anything of that nature.

Both these exercises are mentioned in Gorilla Grip – and the first is the “newspaper crush”.

This is an amazingly simple movement and one which most people do not even bother to try due to the sheer simplicity of it – but believe me, if you put sceptism aside and TRY it – you’ll get RESULTS – results that will shock you.

And all you do is this – take a newspaper – and take a single page out of it, and then crumple that page into the tiniest ball you can possibly crumple it into.

Repeat ad infinitum with ALL pages of the newspaper, and do this little exercise for a couple of weeks.

This seemingly simple exercises, along with others was a huge favorite of Dan Hodge’s – and quite literally built up the tendons and supporting musculature of his legendary forearms to the point where he was never taken off his feet as a wrestler – and can be seen crushing apples regularly NOW as well – when he’s past the age of 80!!

And the second exercise is another forgotten exercise – but equally and as amazingly effective.

That being the fingertip pushup – the perfect complement to all the “gripping” exercises you do where you “close” your fingers. 

Believe me, if you combine just the fingertip pushup and pull-up — both done the RIGHT way – – then that  is ALL the grip workout that is required for most people.

But word of caution. You have to do these the right way – and place the fingers the RIGHT way to get max benefit out of the movement.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System and the videos I show you how to place your fingers during this movement – and hint – it’s not “ON” your fingertips as most people imagine.

You’ll have to crack open the System to see the exact pictures and me demonstrating the exercise – but do it – and do it regularly – and you’ll build the sort of gorilla grip you’ve always craved within a very short period of time.

And again – do NOT “overextend” yourself on any of these exercises – especially the SECOND. I did so in early January this year when I foolishly attempted a handstand on my fingertips – AFTER a rugged workout comprising of hill climbs, pull-ups, regular handstands and bear crawls – and I suffered the sort of nasty thumb injury NO-ONE wants.

My thumb literally popped out – and back into – its socket for one – OUCH!

I’m glad I had been training hard and heavy before that – – so I recovered within a month or so WITHOUT any special treatments. If I hadn’t – I’d probably still be holding my left thumb in agony while typing this out!

OK – so that’s it for today. Two oldies but goodies – and forgotten exercises as well. Try ’em out, and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And if you haven’t yet picked it up, here is where you can pick up a copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System – –

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