A forgotten core blaster
- Jack La Lanne had it spot on!!

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Dear Reader,

Woke up around 9 A.M. this Sunday morning -an hour earlier than when I’d normally arise, of course, but that was courtesy an over-eager delivery guy “clanging the clanger” as it were early in the morning on a Sunday.

Don’t blame him actually – not given the load of deliveries he had (not sure if the 0 Excuses Fitness paperback was one of them, but it might well have been!) – but anyway, gulped down a bit of breakfast, and then it was off to the great ole outdoors for a WORKOUT.

It’s great weather out here during the day these days.

It’s winter – and the sun’s shining brightly out there – and I had one of the best workouts of my life – a Sunday 0 Excuses Fitness special as it were.

So I made my way to the park, and saw joggers out there galore.

The same guys that have been jogging for years, and while it’s hats OFF to these fine gents and ladies for at least doing something day in and day out, the fact remains that those annoying man boobs – or bingo wings – or love handles – or saggy butts seem NOT to go away with the years.

If anything, the lard seems to be piling on – big time! 

As I made my way to the monkey bars, I saw a family of four clustered around it. A man and his wife, and teenage daughter – and a somewhat younger sibling as well.

The girls stared at me curiously as I swung effortlessly across the bars and then moved across to another area of the park to start my workout – and as I did so, I noticed the family out of the corner of my eye.

They ALL tried to swing themselves across the bars – and NONE could – especially the pot bellied gentleman who tried hanging on for a second or so, but came crashing back down to terra firma fairly quick.

Was a good thing for the monkey bars, as they themselves were shaking like an aspen leaf in the Toronto breeze as he tried valiantly to hang on!

And that brings me to the workout part of this email.

No jogging for yours truly, as you might imagine.

I started in on the ONE exercise I’ve told about in the past which if done right eliminates the need for any and all “specialized” cardio – and as my heart started to pound like a sledgehammer within about  3 minute or so of this, I knew in my BONES today was going to be a great, great workout.

Started in on some pushups after that – and as I got to #80 or so I suddenly remembered an exercise I hadn’t done in a long, long time.

It’s a pushup, but doesn’t look like one – to most people.

It is one of the HARDEST exercises out there to master – and thats the EASY variant – and it also gives you a shoulder, back and CORE workout like NONE other out there.

It truly is one of the advanced core movements there is – – and who better to bear testament to this than the great Jack La Lanne himself!

Jack La Lanne, old time fitness pioneer, athlete, and strongman that performed near impossible feats (such as swimming underwater shackled and handcuffed, and towing a near 2000 pound boat while doing it!) was a HUGE proponent of this one movement.

He did it on his fingertips – something I do NOT advocate when starting out – not unless you want crushed fingers/wrists – and this way is a great way to build that gorilla grip I keep talking about.

Even the easiest variant of this movement is one that most trainees struggle to master – and yet – simply DOING this exercise will build a rugged core and abs of steel – not to mention immense strength throughout the chest and shoulders.

And without further ado – it is – the EXTENDED arm pushup!

I certainly felt these today as I did ’em – remember, I haven’t done ’em in a while, and my abs feel worked to the “bone” as it were – and so does my entire lower back and core.

This one exercise if done right – and form is key here, my friends – watch the videos for more – can also give you an excellent LAT and forearm workout which you’ll feel for hours after the routine.

But back to core – it truly is one of the best core movements out there – and one YOU too, my friend would do well to master!

There have often been times I’ve weaved an entire workout around just this exercise, the reverse pushup, and the Hindu squat – and nothing else – and I was WIPED out after each and every one of these workouts.

Anyway, talk about a great Sunday workout, and some super fat burning as well. I’m feeling on top of the world as I type this – and this feeling will last throughout the day I’m sure!

Join me in doing these workouts, my friend. Crank open the System and start pounding about some of the movements I talk about – and DO – and watch the flab fly off your frame at scintillating speeds almost instantly.

I look forward to hearing back about your progress!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – More such great core movements – including one I did at the END of my routine today – one that involves HANGING on to a pull-up bar – are mentioned in Corrugated Core – a book you absolutely must have if you’re truly interested in a fat free midsection and rock solid abdominals. Here is where you can grab it – –  https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

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