The upper body equivalent of the squat
- If you're not dipping ... you're missing out!

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Dear Reader,

It’s a well known fact indeed that the squat is one exercise that taxes the largest muscle groups in your body – the thighs, buttocks and core – and done correctly, squats (especially the Hindu squats I so highly recommend) can give you an overall body workout like no other.

Those that have done the Hindu squats the way they’re supposed to be have reported feeling a burn at a level “deeper” than any ever felt before – and this includes when working with weights – and doing squat with weights up to 400 lbs at that!

I should know – on the few occasions that I’ve taken a longish break from squats – and then done them again in high reps immediately afterwards, I FEEL them in my thighs like nothing else – as well as my entire body.

Squats done right give you a workout like nothing else can, and if there was an upper body equivalent of the squat – ONE movement that would torch the entire upper body – well – you’d take it, wouldn’t you?

And the upper body equivalent of the squat does indeed exist, but it’s probably NOT the exercise you envisage when I say this. 

The pull-up – a fabulous exercise is one that comes to mind, but being squats are more of a “pushing” motion as opposed to pulling – – it’s not the pull-up (though the pull-up is indeed a wonderful exercise and deserves a place in your daily routine!).

It’s not the handstand pushup either, although that is another great movement.

What is it then?

Well – it’s an oldie but goodie – and an oft ignored exercise – the DIP.

Every morning I see many gentlemen in the park that I work out in these days – most of them out of shape, and what’s sad is that they’ve been out of shape for years, and despite their daily walks etc, the flab just doesn’t go away.

And while there are plenty of other reasons behind that – stuff I’ve covered before, them “bingo wings” and “chests that droop until their massive bellies” to put it one way (man boobs, to be precise) would get quite a working over if they actually did dips – as opposed to parking their fannies – or jackets on the dipping bars and yakking away nineteen to the dozen about the most meaningless things ever.

I’ve often had to postpone my dipping workout due to this sort of thing. Ugh!

Anyway, dips, my friend – are indeed the upper body equivalent of the squat, and I’ve said as much in my first publication Fast and Furious Fitness – a book that has been garnering plenty of interest as of late, by the way –  so if you’re interested in a true “timeless” fitness classic – you’ll want to check it out right here – –

And in that book I include dips – – and the right way to do ’em.

Now, I sent out an email on “torquing pushups” yesterday – and in response to this, a follower on Instagram piped up.

“Pushups are great! They’ve built half my body! If there were TWO exercises that I would do – they’d be the pushup – and pull-up!”.

My response –

“And the dip as well, my friend. Dips too!”

These responses haven’t been quoted verbatim, but you can view the entire thread on our Instagram account if you so wish.

“Oh yes. Dips. How could I forget those?”

And he’s right, my friend. He’s right.

And just why do I carp on about dips so much, you ask?

First, because it builds pressing power than nothing else can – including the good ole handstand pushup.

The sheer ROM involves in dips – balancing your entire body weight on the bars and pushing up and down with no support either from the ground or the wall means you’re literally pushing your WHOLE bodyweight – at an angle – and then some.

This builds tremendous strength throughout the chest area – and if you’ve looked at anyone that does dips regularly, chances are you’ve seen a barrel chest that looks as it it could withstand cannonballs being fired at it.

Dips also build up the connective tissues and tendons of the shoulder – as well as beneath the pecs – and anyone that knows anything about fitness knows that it’s NOT all about the muscles – it’s about the SUPPORTING musculature which ALLOWS the proper strength to develop through the muscles!

And last, but not least, this exercise lends itself to improving performance in many other exercises that people are unable to do.

Want to get better at handstand pushups? Well, start off by building up your chest area with dips and a few other exercises I advocate in Shoulders like Boulders.

Don’t have the strength to do pull-ups – or get your chin over the bar – that last little bit? Well, dips help there as well.

And if you’re just looking to broaden your chest beyond belief and develop that “deep chested” look superstars like the Rock, Arnie (to name but a few have) then you do dips – dips – and more dips!

The only thing to bear in mind though is that most people approach dips the wrong way -and due to the very nature of the exercise, this means an open invitation to INJURY for most folks.

You do not “bounce” up and down! You do not “go all the way down on each rep” (as you do in pushups) – or you risk injuring your shoulders.

And plenty of other things. Form is paramount on this excellent exercise, and for more on form – see Shoulders like Boulders where I’ve explained the exact technique on how to do dips.

As for myself, I just got done with a dipping workout par excellence in the local park (after the nutters I mentioned above left to stuff their gourds, presumably with fattening local delicacies from what I understand).

And I’m feeling like a billion bucks – and on top of the world – and on that note – it’s adios for now.

In the meantime, remember to get a great, great workout in  – and if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System today. It’ll truly be the best fitness related investment you’ll ever make!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with Shoulders like Boulders, another course that has been generating plenty of interest is Corrugated Core. If you’re interested in a six pack from Cain and rock hard abs amongst others, then you’ll definitely want to grab a copy. Do so right here – –

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