Legs, pushups – and torquing the lard off!
- The legs do make a huge difference!

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Dear Reader,

So, I finished up a great, great pushup workout today in the “great ole outdoors” – with the winter sun shining brightly down upon me.

Worked up quite a sweat as well – not a surprise given I work up a sweat with these workouts even in air conditioned environments, haha – but what I focused upon the MOST today during my pushup workout was something that most people don’t even think about when it comes to pushups.

That being my LEGS.

The last post on  legs and pull-ups caused quite a stir, and I’ve no doubt so will this – so sit back – and enjoy!

When most people think of pushups, they think (and probably rightfully so as well) – upper body – specifically a huge barrel chest.

They think massive pecs and broad shoulders – but little else other than that most likely.

And again – this is OK. Most commercial fitness centers, the fitness media – and folks in general have equated pushups to being an  upper body exercise – and truth be told, it IS an excellent upper body exercise.

But it’s so more than just an upper body exercise, my friend. So much more!

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I categorically state that pushups are the “big dog” of the fitness world, and there is very good reason behind this.

Pushups are literally an OVERALL BODY – and CORE – exercise if you do ’em right – and know how to do ’em.

And when it comes to making the pushup tougher, most folks think taking an upper limb away will do the trick.

Sure – it does to an extent. The one arm pushup is one of the toughest styles of pushup out there to execute correctly – and even getting into the position is tough for SEASONED fitness fanatics – let alone doing for reps.

As for the average Joe, this one little change will make the pushup nigh impossible to do – but you already knew that , didnt you?

So again – back to LEGS – and the reason I’m talking legs here is twofold.

First, the positioning of the legs during the pushup – yes, even the regular pushup – makes the pushup that much more harder (or easier) to do – and gives you a heck of an upper body workout while you’re at it.

For instance, the Hindu pushup. In the book and videos, I’ve given you literally dozens of variations on this ONE movement that’ll have you sweating off the fat as soon as you start progressing into the higher reps – and you’ll feel your LEGS, back and core working MORE than your chest most likely on this movement if you do it right!

And you know what means, don’t you?

Fat burning x 10 – or more! 

And being most people want exactly THAT out of their workouts, here is the second reason. How you position and – brace yourself – MOVE your legs – during the pushup has a manifold impact upon how much you huff and puff during the movement – and consequently, how much LARD you fry off your frame in record amounts of time.

That might sound hard to believe. We’ve all been taught that the legs should be locked into place while doing pushups – and yes, if you’re talking the regular pushup, this is true.

Not so a lot of other variants though.

This morning I did ONE variant of this great exercise that I’ve included in the book – but one that is oft ignored in favor of the other “glitzier” variants.

Big, big mistake, especially if your looking to get those abs of steel and quick at that.

This one variant doesn’t involve taking an arm away. It doesn’t involve mega high reps, although you can do ’em in high reps if you want.

It isn’t spiderman pushups. 

It isn’t Hindu pushups with one leg taken away. It isn’t even what I call the BEST darn exercise there is …

No – it’s the “one leg in the air” pushup and believe me now and trust me later, the motion and ROM involved in this one movement is different from ANY OTHER style of pushup you’ve ever tried.

You literally twist and torque during the movement – see the video for more – and you not only build shoulders of steel while at it – but also burn record amounts of fat off your midsection if you do things right!

And I should know.

I should know. I haven’t done this movement for ages now (due to some odd reason) … but, I did ’em today and as I sit here writing to you – about 30 minutes or so later – I can feel the “soreness” start to creep up my sides and also my abs themselves.

Indeed a good thing – and heres something else that is interesting – for the pull-up monster that I am – I’m sore in my LATS too from this movement and the pushups I did today – and if there is one takeaway from this entire email and something you should learn – well – I  just mentioned it!

OK, my friend. That is IT for today. If you’re truly interested in burning the lard off your frame in record times with quick and dirty pushup workouts, head on over here now – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And yes, pull-ups are an excellent exercise as well, and one that shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s the course that’ll get you cranking them out in super high reps in no time FLAT – http://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

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