The acid test of fitness – and FLAB!
- This test doesn't lie!

Dear Reader,

Had another great workout this morning – and a bit of a different one in that I mixed in pull-ups and dips along with some core 0 Excuses Fitness stuff – which is something I haven’t been doing as of late, preferring to focusing on the former exclusively.

That doesn’t mean I don’t mix in pushups and pull-ups regularly of course.

I’ve often maintained that doing both pushups and pull-ups in ONE workout – either one after the other in “rapid fire” style without much of a break – or doing all your pull-ups at one go and then the pushups – or vice versa – is one of the VERY BEST ways there is to train your entire upper body.

And the very ultimate in upper body training?

Well, as I’ve written about before it’s a handstand pushup – pull-up combo – done RIGHT – and if all you did for the next year was this one combo – well – let me just say this – if you did this combo and STUCK to it – religiously – you’ll be buying shirts three times as large around the shoulder and traps next year as you are now!

But what if you cant do a single one of these movements?

What if you’re currently way too overweight – or out of shape – to even contemplate doing these movements, let alone actually doing ’em?

What if your joints aren’t up to it?

What if you’re been pounding the weights for years, but have ended up neglecting your tendons – and connective tissues – and thus aren’t able to complete the above movements safely?

Well, there IS one exercise – or many, actually that you can still do and get  a cracker of an upper body workout in.

But we’ll focus on one today – and this one exercise is not only a great OVERALL body movements – but it’s also one of the ultimate and most ignored tests of how fit you are – and how much BODY FAT your carrying.

And that being the much vaunted “table” pushup which you see me doing in the System, and which I’ve written about galore.

Which I do for high reps – and which I sometimes do with my daughter on my stomach – and an exercise that most gym goers and average adults are unable to do in any sort of form.

As for how this exercise tells you if you’ve got excess flabbage – especially around the waist and hips – and butt?

Well, simply GET in the “table” position on all fours as I teach you in 0 Excuses Fitness (yes, I’m talking FITNESS!!) – and simply HOLD the position for time.

If you are overweight – – even a bit – – you’ll likely shake like a maple leaf in Toronto upon just GETTING into position – if you can even do so successfully – let alone holding it for any length of time.

Your lower back will cramp. You’ll feel it all along the sides and FRONT of your stomach – and your thighs will start to shake uncontrollably.

All this from just a few seconds of holding the position, so you can well imagine the world of good it’ll do to your body if you were to actually hold the position a while – and DO the pushup!

And as for doing the actual pushup – well – even if you’re not that overweight, the movement will be a real challenge for you.

Most adults fail to hold this position for more than a few seconds when they first start – and their form is way off.

But the good news is this – this one exercise can very quickly improve not only your core strength – – but also strengthens your legs and back beyond belief – – way more so than the regular pushups do.

But you have to do this exercise in the right WAY.

That means NO “slouching” in the lower back when in the “up” position of the movement. That means your neck needs to be ALL the way back during this phase as well (something that is nigh impossible for many afflicted with “smartphone neck” to do).

It means doing it at the right cadence, and doing it in all the different ways it can be done.

And many other tips – – all explained in 0 Excuses Fitness, my friend.

And if you’re already in shape – or THINK you are, well, this one movement is a great one to add into your routine every so often to spice things up – and just give you a break from the other more advanced stuff I’ve mentioned above.

I should know – I did it today – and do so quite regularly!

Anyway, thats it for now. Take the acid test of fitness today if you so would – and report back on how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – There is another style of pushup that most people don’t even call a pushup when they see me doing it – and one which is even more difficult for most people to do – and one that benefits you so much that I’d be hard pressed to put a price tag on it. And no, it’s not the Hindu pushup, though thats a great great, exercise. It’s the REVERSE pushup – and for more on this excellent exercise, crack open the System right here – –

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