Do what works for YOU
- .... and has in the PAST!

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Dear Reader,

A bit strapped for time today, so this one is going to be brief.

Yeah. Right. Though I try and get most of my blog posts written in under 15 minutes (that alone is a mind bender for those that have been “raised” to believe “more is better), I’m going to try and get this one done in less.

Yeah. Right. Again!

Knowing me I will likely stop WAY past that mark … but anyway, on to the post itself!

Lots of things to say here, and the first thing  I want to say is this – when most people talk about their goals – fitness related or life related – the FIRST thing I tell them to do is focus upon what they DO want – as opposed to what they don’t.

As opposed to the problems. The zillion reasons why it can’t be done. The Bubba’s claiming that “it’s never been done before”.  And so forth.

And though this is an area where most people don’t “get it right” the first time around – there is another area which is equally as critical to NOTE – and one which is oft ignored.

That being, once you do focus upon what you DO want – and have a clear picture of your goal in mind – HOW do you get there.

And in terms of the how, it’s critical to focus upon what has WORKED for you in the past. 

I’ve often talked before about picturing your past SUCCESSES when visualizing, and with damned good reason.

And while you picture your past successes, and draw upon that emotion to make your current goal a reality … you also focus upon what exactly you DID in the past in terms of your successes, and you focus upon doing THAT SAME THING in the future with regard to your current goal!

You do NOT focus upon doing what person A said works – or what the “pundits” say works – or what Joe Blow from XYZ city said “might” work.

NO – you do what has worked for you in the past, and keep repeating doing that same thing – or doing things that same WAY – until you succeed at your current goal!

When I was trying to lose weight, and get the leanest, meanest, baddest and fittest I’ve ever been – I did NOT eat eight small meals a day.

I did NOT follow ANY diet – or any special diet.

I did NOT give up meat – or alcohol – or starches – or carbs.

I did NOT eat breakfast first thing in the morning.

In fact, what I did was the diametric OPPOSITE – something I’ve detailed in the Simple and Effective Diet, (GRATIS with your purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System) and yet, this brought me results – and HOW!

I got in the best shape of my life – and lest you think that is just a one off, think again.

This morning while doing my pull-ups I did them in “ladder” fashion – something I do NOT advocate in my books – despite most of the experts advocating it.

A ladder is basically a sequence of numbers where you start low – perhaps 1 or 2 – and go up to 10 or more -and then return back to 2 or 1.

Though this is a great way to do pull-ups, I personally do not believe it’s the best. I’ve outlined the best ways in my book, of course, but this morning I did my pull-ups in a ladder fashion – even though this is NOT how I do ’em the vast majority of the time, and why?

Because at a certain point during the training week, a ladder works best for me!

It’s NOT the best way to learn how to do pull-ups in high reps despite what the pundits say, but it IS good for a change, and I did this today – and had the best workout of the week thus far!

So it’s key, my friend – both in terms of  LIFE and fitness – to focus upon doing what has worked for you in the past – and apply this to your current goals.

When it comes to pull-ups, you may find that doing them in sets of 5 works best.

You may find that doing 25 a day works just best for you as opposed to a 100 a day. Though I advocate doing pushups daily, you might find that doing them every other day – along with running sprints on your days off works a lot better.

And so forth.

You find out what works for you – within certain “sane” guidelines – and you keep doing it until you reach your goal. It’s just that simple!

Last, but not least, for those of you that I hear asking “Hey, but you’re the one that says 0 Excuses Fitness works for bazillions of people and it’ll work for you too!”

“You’re the one that says pushups are the best darn exercise, and they’ll work for YOU too!”

And so forth.

Well, I do say that – and I’m not backing out now – and what do I mean? 

Well, if you wanted to fly from China to the U.S. , for instance, I don’t think you’d walk, would you?

You’d take a plane – in other words, you’d do what most people do.

But you might not take the same airline as your buddies do.

You might, as I prefer, choose an aisle seat when flying as opposed to center.

And so forth!

You do what works – within reasonable limits – and modify it per YOUR unique requirements – and that is how you make things happen!

And that’s precisely why I do not advocate any one workout as being the “best” in 0 Excuses Fitness. Neither do I claim that you have to do the exact same number of reps/movements that I do on a regular basis.

No – it’s about finding out what works for you – and then doing it – and sticking to a routine – and at the end of the day, that is what will bring you the best results, my friend.

Alright, that’s it. I’m at my 15 minute limit now with a few secs to go, so I’ll sign off for today. Off to school to pick up my daughter – back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Be on the outlook for another email on the “acid test of fitness” – and an email that will truly shake you to your CORE – I mean that – in terms of your thoughts on how fit you currently are – and more importantly, how much FLAB you currently have.

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