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- Yesterday's unique workout!

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Dear Reader,

While I’ve been pounding out pull-ups and dips galore over the past few weeks or so – and sprints – and achieving great results in general, ’twas time for a change yesterday – albeit an UNPLANNED one.

It was a great, great winter afternoon yesterday here in New Delhi – where I currently am. Although I do not plan to be here for too much longer – I’m enjoying it the best I can at the moment – and most of all, I’m enjoying the time spent with my daughter – some of the most valuable time I’ve spent in recent times.

Some things CANNOT be measured in money, my friend! 

Anyway, so as I picked up my little girl from school yesterday afternoon, the sun was out in full force – and it was a warm, warm winter afternoon.

And of course, the first thing she wanted to do was head on to the park.

Now, being I had a workout planned and being she’s only 5 and needs a “round eye” on her at all times, I figured I’d postpone it a bit.

“Sweetie, not today. Maybe tomorrow? I don’t have my phone on me anyway – and can’t inform Mommy”.

Which was true – I didn’t have the dumbphone on me at the time anyway, hehe.

Nothing doing, of course. When kids want something, they want it – and usually get it – and as adults, we have a LOT to learn from the persistence kids show in getting what they want!

“I want to go anyway!”

“But Mom’s dishing up a nice lunch for you at home, and … ”


“Ok, maybe we’ll pack it and … ”

“Yay! Picnic!!!!!”

And so it was – off to the park – after lunch at home, and packed biscuits etc for a picnic.

A 2 km or so walk to the park – which I’m proud to report my 5 year old does on her OWN now – as opposed to before where I either carried her or went in a car.

And in the park, of course, after the picnic my daughter started to get “bored” – and that is where I got the idea.

“Why not do some fun stuff, sweetie?”

“What, Dad?”

“Well, like bear crawls. Let’s race like a bear on that hill and see who gets to the top!”

And while this might sound infantile – believe you me – the SAME guy that wrote Eat More – Weigh Less – a course that contains ADVANCED training methods done on hills (though you can do ’em just as easily on terra firma too and achieve much the same results) – and the same guy that does bear crawls by the DOZEN on hills out there in China couldn’t beat his daughter at doing ’em in a race – and as for the workout part of it?

Believe me, there is a huge, huge difference between bi-pedal sprints – and doing them in the bear crawl position!

Your shoulders, wrists and forearms will start to get the workout of your LIVES almost as soon as you start out in this movement – and so will your core – and you’ll find yourself getting out of breath – QUICK.

And it won’t be the “pounding the pavement” out of breath.

It’ll be deep breathing galore that you do – because you’ll be winded, and fast – and this deep breathing is really what burns the fat off at record speeds as I’ve noted in the manual above!

You’ll have to crack open the book for the exact routines and the exact STYLE you should be bear crawling in  – believe me, there is MORE than one way to skin this particular cat – and how!

In addition to this, there are several other more advanced movements in the book that’ll achieve exactly the same effect – except perhaps in lesser time.

One of these is the duck waddle. This puppy done right will have you flat on your ass in no time – and your thighs will be getting the workout of your lives as well if you do it right.

So what would have been a regular workout for me turned into an extra special, extra fun workout – – and as I sit here writing to you, my shoulders and traps are “talking to me” in that way they often do after a hard, hard workout.

And from the guy that pounds out hundreds of pull-ups daily – and does at least 250 pushups a day – that’s saying something!

You too, my friend, can get much the same training effect … if you know HOW. Pick up a copy of Eat More – Weight Less right HERE – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with that, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the one fitness System the world has been RAVING about – a System that will get you the fittest you’ve ever been in quick and dirty 10-15 minute (or less!) bursts –

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