What to do AFTER your workout
- What you do afterwards is just as important as what you do DURING your workout!

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Dear Reader,

Today I’ll talk about a topic which isn’t often discussed – and is often ignored/swept under the carpet, and what I have to say might raise a few eyebrows as well.

So be it – and that topic is this – that what you do AFTER your workout (and throughout the day after it if you workout in the mornings – or the day immediately after if you work out at night) is in many ways just as important as what you do DURING it.

If you’re like most people, and if you’ve just gotten through a hard, hard 0 Excuses Fitness workout – or a high rep pull-up workout – or perhaps even a workout comprising of the routines in Eat More – Weigh Less – – then the LAST thing you’d think of after a workout is more physical activity, right?

You’d probably “rest easy” with a feeling of getting a job well done – and so you have, if you’ve been doing the right things … and you’d probably tuck into a good meal right afterwards.

All good, and nothing wrong with this, but where a lot of people mess up after this is either overindulging – – and more importantly, not moving around a lot  – – or even a little – – after their workouts.

Its great if you’ve just had an awesome workout in the morning, for instance, but the best thing you can do for yourself throughout the day after that is to “keep moving”.

Most of the oldtimers emphasized the value of cool downs, and to keep walking about after your daily workout as opposed to lazing about on the couch all day, or staring at the T.V. – – and with very good reason.

When you move around after your workout, especially a tough one – not only does it reduce muscle soreness you might have had or encountered – but it also aids recovery – active recovery at that.

The blood keeps flowing, in other words, and if you drink plenty of water during the day while moving about – it will mean that much of a better workout the next time you hit it hard and heavy.

What do I mean by all this, you might ask. How do I “keep moving about” – what exactly does it entail?

Well, it’s simple, my friend.

One of the “secrets” to my getting in the best shape of my life in China wasn’t just the hill workouts I partook of. It wasn’t just pushups – or pull-ups – or even Hindu squats (another GREAT, but forgotten exercise).

All of this was the main thing, of course – but what did I do AFTER my workouts?

Well, when I focused exclusively on hill climbs, I’d be climbing that hill 3-4 times every morning at the crack of dawn.

Immediately after that, it was off to work – catching taxis etc – providing instruction to students – not your atypical desk job as it were to say the least.

I’d often get home around 5 or so during those days, and after a brief rest, it would be back off to the hill for another climb – or perhaps calisthenics.

Now, the key thing to note is this – the second workout was by no means a “real toughie” – but it was still something.

Combined with all the movement I did during the day, this second workout not only primed me for the next day – but also got rid of any and all muscle soreness I might have had otherwise.

Compare this to the FIRST time I climbed the hill – when I literally felt like a Mack Truck ran all over me.

I was sore – REAL sore – all over, and I barely did ANYTHING for the next two days – which needless to say didn’t enhance my recovery one bit!

During a certain stage in my life I didn’t climb this hill at all. I’d do 0 Excuses Fitness exclusively, and I’d often go in for a light bridging session at the end of the day.

Nothing mind boggling. Nothing overly spectacular. But it kept the blood flowing, and the System GOING – and at the end of the day, this CONTINUED activity throughout the day after one hard burst is really what got me in the best shape of my life.

These days, I do plenty of walking throughout the day after my workout as opposed to sitting around – which has much the same effect on the body.

Take a look at animals in the wild, for instance.

Mr. Tiger might go for a sprint every so often when catching his prey – – or trying to – – but he doesn’t “laze around” all day after that. He’s usually walking around for miles – – albeit slowly – – and the same thing holds true for other big cats, and other animals in the wild.

The key is this – do something daily – and dont just “crash” on el coucho after having done the thing.

Keep moving around during the day. Stay as active as you can – – and you’ll find that along with dropping oodles of weight, this routine will also have you FEELING great – both internally and externally!

OK, my friend. That is IT for now – – I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – More such golden nuggets of training wisdom – – all accumulated throughout the years as it were, and ALL borne of hard experience – – are mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Physical Success – – a must read if you’re truly serious about getting in the best shape you’ve ever been. Here is where you can dig in – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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