Think – and get FIT!
- Whats the MOST important muscle to develop - to the fullest??

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Dear Reader,

Many years, yours truly had the idea for starting an online fitness business and being successful at it.

I started wayyyy back in the day, and you’d think given that I started that site in 2011, I’d be working my tail off to make it “happen” back then – but curiously enough, although I WANTED to succeed at it, I never really did a lot with that site other than blogging and the like.

Sure, I built up a solid fan base that way. Sure, people loved the website and were following my posts etc – but it wasn’t until I started 0 Excuses Fitness that I really started to “get going” biz wise – and from then on it’s all been an  upward graph.

Fitness wise, yours truly was always sold on the idea (years back, of course) that you needed “something” other than your own body to get the fittest you’ve ever been.

Now don’t get me wrong. I was never a gym bro – although folks kept asking me if I went to the gym.

I was NEVER a proponent of bunny crunches – treadmills – or those useless ab machines you see advertised on late night TV – or anything of that nature. Never ever my friend.

I worked out even when I was overweight. I did all the right things … and yet … for whatever reason, I never quite into the best shape of my life until it all CLICKED in a way that “wonders cease to perform”, if I might put it that way (if that is the right expression to use here!).

These days  I’m getting better results at my fitness routines by doing way less than what I’d normally do where I’m at – while others do the same things for MORE time, but aren’t quite getting there.

Now, there are plenty of reasons behind the fitness transformation (as well as LIFE transformation) I’ve told you about – – but the most important part isn’t what you do – – or even (important as that is) – HOW you do it.

No – the most important thing is something almost ALL people overlook when they start out in any endeavor – be that fitness related or biz related – or even life in general!

That being your THINKING. 

Yes, you heard me. It’s your THINKING that starts the entire process, and its your THINKING that will determine whether or not you actually accomplish the goals you set for yourself – both fitness wise and LIFE wise. 

Blink and you’ll miss it, but in the 0 Excuses Fitness System I speak about the importance of visualization in the First Commandment (in the 10 Commandments of Physical Success).

I talk about this a LOT in my book on pull-ups as well – and a few others – and for good reason. If there’s something that anyone can do – and everyone SHOULD do – it’s to think – and no, it isn’t the sort of “outward positive thinking” that most self help gurus keep talking about.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz once famously said in Psycho Cybernetics that you can never really get away from who you “really are at your core”.

The above has not been quoted verbatim – it’s actually what I’ve written myself in many of my other books – but it holds true regardless.

You attract the results that you FEEL you can get at your deepest levels – in your subconscious, in other words – and thats as simple as it gets.

All the conscious effort in the world will come to naught if your subliminal and subconscious thought processes don’t “jive” with your “conscious” thoughts!

I care not if it’s fitness – or relationships – or life in general – we attract what we think about repeatedly – and that’s as simple as it gets.

If you’re looking to make money, well, THINK money – and think the RIGHT way. Visualizing it is great, and I’ve told you how to visualize in 0 Excuses Fitness – but there is so much more to it, my friend.

So much more than I could write ten books on it and still cover the tip of the iceberg if even that! 

Those that are currently on board the 0 Excuses Fitness coaching program know this, of course. If there is one thing I advocate before anything else – it is the importance of belief – and changing your thought processes from a “can I be fit” you to a “Yes, I WILL be fit” you!

And mark my words – and mark them in red – it isn’t just about affirmations – it’s about wording those affirmations the right way!!

This is a process I’ve learned over years – and a process that Napoleon Hill, Claude Bristol, and many other success stories of yore had to as well – and it’s a process I outline for those of you on my fitness coaching programs – and a process that  I really, really elaborate on in my life coaching programs.

So if you’re truly interested in learning “The Secret” – and attracting whatever it is you want in your life to you – well, jump on board the coaching program today, my friend. I’ve still got a few spots remaining – and I’ll be happy to put YOU on the path to success too if you so choose.

In the meantime, remember too that while thought is where it all starts, and ends – it isn’t ALL that is required.

You can think and get fit – quite literally – but you do need to MOVE your body to do so.

And trust me, once your thoughts are attuned in the right direction, you’ll find yourself wanting to move – and not stay sedentary no matter what.

And that’s when you’ll really start getting results – and more results – and more down the pike as well!

So if you haven’t already, crank out some Hindu squats, pushups and pull-ups too if you’re able to do that. Get a great, great workout in – and have a fantastic day ahead!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, there are several other very important nuggets of wisdom (as a reader from India recently put it) in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – specifically, the 10 Commandments of Training Success – – which you really must read if you’re serious about fitness in any way, shape or form. Grab your copy of the System here – –

P.S #2 – Believe you can – and you WILL!


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