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Dear Reader,

Yesterday I did a variant of a workout I first did many, many years ago … in 2008 to be specific.

Actually if I were to be honest I REALLY first did this workout way back in 2004 – when I was posted in China, and yes it was the time I climbed the HILL – which left me, as you no doubt know by now, feeling like several Mack Trucks ran all over me!

I was SORE – all over – and thats putting it lightly!

Fast forward a few years ahead, and you’d seen a long haired guy in the Delhi Metro subway stations tearing up the stairs from the basement to “train level” (about four or five stories high in some cases) and doing so with laptop in tow, flying behind me as he took the stairs two or three at a time.

As onlookers gazed curiously on, but didn’t bother to participate. As the signs reading “Climb stairs – save heart” (or something to that effect) flashed on by …

All of this, of course, was nigh instrumental in getting me in the very best shape of my life – along with the exercises in 0 Excuses Fitness – and yesterday I did a variant of this workout.

Those “in the know” know that I will be heading back to China soon for business – and of course, to revisit the HILL … and yes, for those of you that have asked several time – mea culpa – I still have NOT gotten around to the “Eat More – Weigh Less” videos – but it’s very much still on the agenda, along with the green tea I  plan to bring to you – straight from the hills of China as it were.

Now in preparation for this, I had to take of several issues here in Delhi yesterday.

So there I was on the Delhi subway. There I was at the ticket machine which curiously enough wouldn’t accept spanking new bank notes – apparently because it ran out of change, and because it wasn’t “kind” enough to let me know this, hehe.

A portly gentleman with enough change on him came to my rescue, and as I looked around for signs etc in terms of the map (which either wasn’t there or if it was I couldn’t see it) – he directed me to the right subway station.

“Come with me”, he said, gesturing to the lift.

“OK … uh, no. Wait”, I said.

I would have gone – but hey – several flights of stairs stood in front of me – and the last thing on my mind at that point was work – or the elevator!

They call it a “lift” in these parts of the world, by the way. That’s a bit of “British English” for those of you not in the know … or is it how English is actually spoken? Topic for debate! Haha.

Anyway, by the time I got to the top, I was huffing and puffing a fair bit, and the elevator still had not got to the top. As I reached there, I saw the gentleman alight, looking at me curiously out of the corner of his eye, as were the other people on the “lift”.

It’s always surprised me that folks overlook an excellent exercise tool that’s right there in front of them – and that they can fit into their daily schedules no matter what!

“Oh, I don’t have time”, is the usual answer.

Yeah. Right. If you’ve got time to wait for the elevator, and time for it to crank up to the fifth or whatever floor, then you’ve time to get up them stairs too! 

Regular readers of this email will remember the 25 floor workout I mentioned earlier on this year in May – and YES, it was Marc the African Silverback Gorilla that workout took place with – and his reactions were in complete contrast, of course to the reactions I get from most people in terms of this sort of thing.

He was more than happy to take the stairs though he normally doesn’t – and good on him for that!

There’s more to that story in the post above, but anyway, while I don’t feel like a truck – or even a bicycle ran over me – I still FEEL this workout today – and curiously enough not in my legs and back – but upper abs!

My abs feel like they have been put through the wringer big time.

No doubt, a bit of this was due to what I did last night – a variant of one of the initial exercises mentioned in Gorilla Grip – Advanced – and while jaws will drop for those of you that have read that book – believe me, the “Nasty Towel” exercise (or the “Towel Wring”, as I refer to it) CAN be turned into an an ab exercises with a few twists – big time!

So that, my friend is that for today. That was how my day went yesterday – and I’m writing this to tell you that if you haven’t already – make sure to incorporate stairs in some way, shape or form into your routine TODAY.

Who knows – you might just get into the best shape of your life with just stairs – and nothing else! I did – so you sure can too!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For more such quick’n’dirty routines you can pump out literally anywhere you have a few square feet of space – anywhere you have a bit of room – routines that are amazingly effective at burning fat off your frame in record times – check out Eat More – Weigh Less – right here – –

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