Three 10 minute workouts a week?
- or 5 minutes? or maybe 1? or maybe even a nanosecond? Where does the buck STOP?

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Dear Reader,

As of late, there have been even more gimmicks popping up in the world of fitness, and one that I’ve seen a lot of times over the years, and continue to see is this – that you can somehow get the body of your “dreams” by putting in 10 minute workouts three times a week.

Granted, these are intense 10 minute workouts – at least intense as far as the respective authors are concerned.

From what I’ve seen though, none of what is mentioned in the routines (and most of it is fairly good stuff) can hold a candle to the REAL advanced stuff (for instance, what I teach you in “Eat More – Weigh Less“, for instance) – but even then I’d never advocate working out just 3 times a week!

I’ve always been a huge, huge proponent of doing something – anything – on a DAILY basis.

It is this daily “accumulation” that really adds up over time – much like money deposited into a bank account builds up over time!

You wouldn’t deposit money into a savings account “three times a year”, would you?

I didn’t think so – so why would you do the same for something infinitely more important than money – health?

Unfortunately, scams such as these continue to prosper along with the late night rubbish sold on T.V. – and one main reason is they pander to people’s laziness – and even worse – the pastime of “trying to get before GIVING”.

You have to give before you get – anything – it’s as simple as that! 

The immortal Napoleon Hill spoke about this principle several times in his books – most notably Think and Grow Rich, and the most poignant example he gives us is that of the great Depression when people for the most part were engaged in exactly what they should not have been i.e. the practice of trying to get before they GAVE!

While he was speaking about business and making money – the FACT remains that his principles can be applied to almost anything you set your heart on achieving – any goal – including FITNESS.

You get what you put into it – it’s just as simple as that!

And now, for the million dollar question – CAN you lose weight by the “3×10” system that so many so called pundits advocate?

Can you build solid muscle – lots of it – and that six pack – and shoulders like boulders – and what not – on such routines?

Well, here are the facts my friend. Granted, any intense activity is better than none, and if you’re a couch potato with your tennis shoe gathering mold and dust – well – you’ll lose “some” weight on such a routine – but what you gain back will far outweight what you “lose”, for instance.

Sure, if you do Hindu pushups three times a week, you’ll eventually get a lot better at them – but what if you did them daily as I advocate?

Or even twice a day? Or – and here is the kicker – even THRICE a day?

What if you gave it your all – busted your butt – for EVERY SINGLE day in 2019 – in terms of a certain goal – let’s say 100 pull-ups per workout?

Would you achieve such a goal faster by this method – or by the “3 times a week – 10 minute workouts” routine?

I think the answer is nigh evident, my friend – and if you want more proof – just look at yours truly.

Once I decided to hit 100 plus pull-ups per workout – it literally became an all consuming OBSESSION – and I did something to propel me forward towards this goal every single day.

Thats right, folks.

EVERY single day – without fail – and the results,although I never consciously fretted about them, weren’t long in coming down the pike.

The same is true for you, my friend.

You give it your ALL before you GET what you want, and then some – there can be no escape from this fact – or indeed this “law of the Universe”!

And on that note, I’ll sign off for today. Lots more interesting things going on around this neck of the woods, and I’ll be sharing those in future updates!


Rahul Mookerjee

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