The power of FOCUSED dreams
- "Realism" VS PRACTICAL dreaming!

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Dear Reader,

Back in the day (I believe it was the year 2008), I made a decision that seemed very strange to those around me, and those that cared for my well being etc.

I had just got “canned” (well, in a sense, hehe) from a job I worked at – – a job I didn’t quite enjoy anyway – – and I was applying for new jobs.

Within the space of 2 weeks, I got two job offers.

One, from a large multinational company in town that offered to not only better my previous compensation package, but also add on many other incentives to “sweeten the deal”.

Two, from a small startup company that wasn’t really sure if they wanted to hire me – with the salary undecided – – and I just had a feeling that the salary would be lower than what I expected it to be at the outset (and it was).

My rational mind urged me to accept the initial offer, and I did – – but instantly after doing so, I sensed something was “off”.

Something wasn’t quite right. Something was … not quite right.

And inexplicably, I made a split second decision to accept the second offer -and well – what happened?

Not only did this open my life up to abundance in all its forms and guises in terms of results I brought for the company – all mentioned right HERE – –– – , it was also the period of my life where I met my wife and got married.

Note the part about a split second decision as it’s important.

When I had the dream to do my two fitness websites – I didn’t “dicker” around one bit.

The idea to set up and came to me out of a flash – and of course, there were those who pooh poohed the idea.

“You’ll never make it”.

“You’ll never be able to compete with the rest out there. Get real! “.

Yada, nada, shcnada, and what ended up happening?

I don’t think I need to explain that part but the reason I’m bringing this up is reality as we see it through our CONSCIOUS minds isn’t always the best reality for us – and neither is it the most conducive to our overall well being and what we really want?

And if that sounds sort of confusing – well – consider the cases I’ve mentioned.

“Realism” would dictate that I made the wrong choice in every one of these instances, and yet, results prove otherwise, don’t they?

It never fails to AMAZE  me when I talk to clients – or friends – or those I’m trying to help out – and they end their well intentioned statements with a “what if it doesn’t work”?

My response to this is always the same – that being – there IS NO what-if!

It will work – if you FOCUS on one thing – and determine that you’ll move mountains to get to where you want to me – but again, it won’t work if you start out with a “what if”!

At this point, people usually complain that I’m not much of a realist. That I’m a “dreamer”.

Well – yes – I am – and I’m darn proud of it. I’m a practical dreamer – and as for reality – you attract that which you focus upon persistently – there are no two ways around this!

And the way you KNOW you’re moving in the right direction is when you listen to the inner YOU, my friend.

Henry Ford has often being called obstinate because of his tendency to reach decisions QUICKLY – and change them slowly.

Not only that, but he backed up those decisions with bloody minded cussedness and PERSISTENCE – until the “seas parted” and he got that what he wanted.

I want it, and I shall have it!

If you’re the sort that makes decisions – then analyzes them ad infinitum – or take forever to REACH a decision on any matter – well then Im sorry to tell you, my friend, but you’re setting yourself up for failure.

If you show up at the 0 Excuses Fitness order page, for instance – not once – but twice – and sometimes multiple times – and yet fail to order though your inner voice is telling you to – well guess what.

You might as well NOT place the order, because you’ve already set yourself up for failure!

And believe me, this is more common than you think.

If you have a dream – a goal – then BELIEVE in your abilities – LISTEN to your inner voice – and then just do it, my friend.

People may deride for you “not being a realist” when you’re 200 lbs overweight and yet proclaim to drop that weight within a couple of months flat, and yet, stranger things have happened, my friend.

And at this point it’s wise to mention a favorite Napoleon Hill quote of mine …

“Tell the world what you’re going to do – but show ’em first!” 

It’s all about your DREAMS – and its all about the power behind a FOCUSED dream!

So take action NOW, my friend. Quit “being on the fence” or “holding on to the cash” until you can afford the purchase – or other such TIME WASTING tactics.

Life waits for no-one. If you want it – go get it – and do so FAST!

The quicker you do, the quicker you’ll see results – and on that note, it’s adios for now. I’ll see y’all again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – As of late, there have been several people that have “balked” at the order stage for Eat More – Weigh Less. Why I don’t know – but I DO know that the longer you wait – the longer you’ll take to get results. Listen to the INNER you, my friend – it is what brought you here. Listen to the inner you – and then just do it – NOW –


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