Lets talk about the HANGING leg raise!
- ... and a couple of common mistakes most folks make

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Dear Reader,

Well, so it was another BRUTAL workout in “here neck of the woods” – with the sun shining down full force.

If this warm weather continues, I might just have to shift my workout times to late evening or early morning – I BE sweating up a storm during the workout – and this is just the “winter sun” I’m referring to!

Anyway, I finished off with pull-ups and handstand pushups – – and a crowd gathered as usual to watch me on the monkey bars.

As I swung myself across the monkey bars a couple of  kids ran along with me as I “swung” along. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know a fanatic was on the monkey bars – and they sat down after about the 20th swing back and forth, figuring the “machine” wouldn’t stop cranking.

All in good fun, and an excellent, excellent way not just to torch the fat off your obliques – – but also to build solid grip and shoulder – and upper body – STRENGTH.

Now, as I was doing this, I noticed a guy trying to do pull-ups.

He was in fairly good shape, but yet couldn’t do a single pull-up – – so he attempted the hanging leg raise – and while he did get his legs up a “L” position momentarily – the entire movement was performed in a WRONG manner, and as I watched him try another rep, I realized that a LOT of people do this great exercise – but incorrectly!

And then don’t get the results they desire, of course.

The hanging leg raise is one of the hidden keys to building grip and shoulder strength – as well as a twelve pack and beyond – and a rock solid upper body – and so forth – but – here is the point – and mistake #1 that most folks make – its an ADVANCED movement!

It is with good reason  I don’t mention this exercise in “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS“.

I do mention it in the advanced course though, as well as in Corrugated Core – bottom line – get good at pull-ups FIRST – and then attempt this exercise – and PROGRESS as you’re meant to!

And as for the second mistake – well – most people just “swing” their legs up to get to the final point – and then let the legs just “fall”.

While this might give the external effect of getting the job done – it is doing anything BUT.

You do NOT use momentum during the exercise, just as you don’t during pull-ups.

You use your CORE – your ABS – to “crunch” your legs up if that makes sense – and you do the same thing on the way down – and you do it slow and easy, feeling the burn on each rep and indeed each MOTION!

THAT, my friend is the right way to do ’em – and while there are plenty more things to note, what I just said above is important if you’re doing these with the goal of getting your abs to “stand out more” – or get a six pack – or what not.

Last, but not least, remember to focus on the GRIP – REALLY, REALLY focus on the grip while doing this exercise.

You’ll see why when you actually do ’em – but the stronger your grip is, the easier these will get – and the more benefit you’ll get from them!

I’ll write more on this topic later. For now, I’m out to grab some “victuals” – – and I’ll catch y’all later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Be sure to check out the grip manual that has taken the world by STORM – https://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip-the-compilation/

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