Eyes closed workouts
- - it isn't as insane as it might sound!

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Dear Reader,

As I sit here rifling through the many, MANY pictures that have to be edited etc for the upcoming “Pushup Central” book, I got to thinking about the picture themselves.

As with my writing, and everything I do, all of this is done “in the flow” and straight from the heart.

You don’t see any fancy shmancy adjustments – or anything fancy at all for that matter. The living room is the same very bare bones living room I used to take the photos for Corrugated Core, and the only difference here is that my flip flops show up in some of the photographs, hehe.

But that’s an important point I’m about to make here. Do these exercises barefoot if at all possible – and that holds true for Hindu squats and bridging as well, my friend. Doing these exercises barefoot will strengthen the muscles of the feet and the toes FAR more than if you were to do them with shoes.

You can do them with shoes – sure – but it’s a lot better to do them barefoot if you can – which is my point.

And no, I’m not trying to “convert” you into a “Barefoot Baba”, or something of that nature (think hermit standing on one leg in the Himalayas). Sometimes though, and especially when it comes to workouts, going back to basics is a very good thing indeed.

Now in the book, you’ll see me wearing one of my favorite T-shirt while working out “This guy needs a beer”.

Hey, I love my beer- what can I say – I’m not quite at the Saxon level where I can pour back tanks/barrels of beer during or even after a workout, but I must confess to enjoying more than a cold one at times – -and gaining weight?

Well, we know the answer to that. Moving on though …

You’ll see yours truly with his fists clenched while working out. With a “Cheshire cat” grin when the wife does the “Extra long pause” for the photographs (evil! hehe) – – and most of all, you’ll see me with EYES closed during my workout.

Eyes closed, you ask?

What gives, bro?

Well, nothing really – except that YES, I’ve done many a pushup workout with my eyes closed, believe it or not – in high reps – and YES, I’ve gotten a great one in!

Many of the pushups I do lend themselves especially well to “meditative thinking” – especially the Hindu pushups and reverse pushups (although ALL of them pretty much can be bent to this effect).

Thats why I love pushups so much. As you go up and down, either straight or in a circular motion you not only strengthen your body – your entire body – but the CALMING influence of these workouts is incredible, my friend – not to mention the sheer ENERGIZING effect of the workouts.

Part of the reason is that pushups work the chest heavily, and blood flow improves throughout the entire body – along with the deep breathing, of course which energizes you BEYOND belief.

But the other reason is simply … well, you’ll know when you do ’em. Especially once you get up into the higher reps … you’ll notice yourself slipping into a sort of trance as you progress through the workout.

You’ll be thinking about your goals subconsciously as you workout – and you’ll be ACHIEVING them with greater ease too — such is the sheer POWER of these workouts, my friend.

Anyway, thats the reason behind my “eyes closed” workouts, my friend – and you’ll know what I mean when the book comes out – and is your hands, hehe.

All for now. I’m back to editing pictures and finishing up the book – hopefully “on the shelves” in a day or so!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Did I forget to mention that you also see a strong upper body in the book? Often times I’ve been asked if I go to the gym – or told my “back is built” (search blog for those comments if you so choose) – – and there is a reason, my friend. Oh yes, there is!

P.S – #2 – While I wish I could give you the link for “Pushup Central” right NOW – I can’t. The book isn’t fully ready as yet, and there are more things I want to add to it. It truly WILL be a MASTERPIECE, my friend – NOTHING like I’ve ever put out before – – and in the meanwhile, you can “feast thy chops” on another masterpiece that is getting and HAS gotten rave reviews – – and WILL “get that back built” – – that being the beginner course on pull-ups – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/


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