“My strength didn’t come from lifting weights. It came from …”
- ... lifting myself each time I fell down!

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Dear Reader,

Just saw a quote on one of the numerous WeChat groups I’m a part of that reads something like this –

“My strength didn’t come from lifting weights. It came from lifting myself EACH time I fell down!”

Now, I am not the type of person that get involved in many groups etc on social media or (beyond what I have to) social media in the first place.

I’m not the overly gregarious sort – and especially don’t like social media a lot because of the all “fake” rubbish going on (I mean lets face it, do we really need to know what our friends ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner – or see selfies – bazillions of them – or meaningless updates on “Bonzo barked thrice this afternoon, waking me up!”) …

But I’m on social media anyway – and you can follow me (no Bonzo though, hehe) – but anyway, the point I’m making is this – the minute I saw this quote – I knew I had to write to it about you.

It reminded me of the first time I did Hindu squats – or rather, the AFTERMATH.

I could barely walk for two days after that – and was staggering the third day. Admittedly, this was because I did NOT know the meaning of “work into it” and “low reps” at the time, but still…!

It reminded me of the time Ms. Lee introduced me to the hill all those years ago – and at those fitness levels I had at the time (not spectacular by any standard, I’ll be honest) – the hill didn’t just kick me in the can the first time – it continued to do so for a good two weeks or so later before I finally started to be able to “walk normally” after a hillworkout.

And there have been many such cases where it would have been easier to just “give up on it” – and go back to the “norm” – but I didnt.

As Stallone says in “Rocky Balboa”, it ain’t about how hard you can hit – it’s about how hard you CAN GET HIT – and keep moving forward.

Its about how much you can TAKE – and keep moving FORWARD – and thats how winning is done!

And truer words were never spoken, either in terms of fitness or life for that matter.

When I first started my sales job at the (now “famous”, hehe) company I mention so often in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, I knew next to nothing about sales, my friend.

I did NOT have any experience in sales – or even marketing for that matter – and my first few attempts at making “sales” (I.T. sales at that time) were markedly unsuccessful. But I persevered – and …?

Well, the result has been documented over and over again, hehe – can we say “success”?

Same thing for my fitness biz – and several times in my life where it seemed the Universe had but one plan – which was to “build me up to a certain point” – and then tear me down to a point BELOW where I had initially started – and see how much I could take.

And this has happened many a times in my life – and this probably sounds familiar to lot of you guys that are entrepreneurs, sports people – or engaged in anything where you have to ” do it all yourself” and “Rise above the crust”, as it were!

The key to real success, my friend is persistence – and GUMPTION – and the WILL to keep going when the odds seem insurmountable.  

Most people choose the easy way out, and that is fine, of course. But remember that easy never accomplished anything.

Nothing worthwhile having was ever “easy” – and so it is with FITNESS, my friend.

Persevere through the tough times – both in terms of life – and FITNESS.

There WILL be times during your fitness journey you’ll fall off the wagon, and thats fine. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Pick yourself up – acknowledge the fall – and then SUIT up – and GET RIGHT BACK TO IT!

And that persistence, and willingness to DO WHAT IT TAKES – is ultimately what wins the battle in terms of life – health – fitness – strength – and that of the bulge too, hehe.

See if you can find the main point of this email – and apply it to YOUR own training!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – This is one reason I like the 0 Excuses Fitness workouts – because they build CHARACTER – and GUMPTION. True strength isn’t physical – its mental – and much like true health, it comes from the INSIDE OUT. Click here to get on the TRAIN in terms of workouts that will get you UP there – both mentally and physically – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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