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I don’t know I have mentioned it before or not – – well, I think I did, actually – – but I will do so again – – the case of the “woman that was missing two fingers”.

I don’t remember when it exactly it occurred, but it was a few years ago.

A woman (along with a police officer, I believe, I’m not sure – – I’ll have to look at the video again) was “hunting” a tiger in the forests of India (Southern India I believe).

On elephant back at that.

That brings me to a trip down memory lane, of course – – when yours truly visited Corbett National Park in India – – and “toured” it one fine day on elephant back to catch a sight of that elusive and wonderful CAT – the big CAT – the true “big dog” amongst all cats bar NONE – the TIGER.

And as we followed the pug marks, it happened – without warning, a bundle of stripes SPRANG out of the tall grasses just a few feet away, and bounded away into the forest!

Yes – even the almighty tiger doesn’t dare confront an elephant … or does it?

Maybe it was just … but on with the story.

I still remember my Dad remarking on its agility and how “different” it looked from those in the zoo.

Fast forward a few years later, and we saw those beasts half tame upfront again – – at another national park where believe it or not they FEED the beasts to keep them “semi tame” and encourage tourism.

One of the dumbest ever decisions made in my opinion. A tiger is a wild animal, period – – and that’s as simple as it GETS!

And then they complain about human-tiger interactions increasing, all because of HUMAN fault. Duh!!

And now, it’s back to the present.

As the elephant moved through the grass – – another BAM!

Except this time the tiger sprung STRAIGHT out of the grasslands … and jumped… get this – – OVER the elephant.

Jumped over an adult male elephant – – and took TWO FINGERS along with it!

All in one bound, and in the space of less than 2 seconds, if even that. They researched the “why” later and it’s apparently because of her cubs being shot, and her associating humans with that, but still – – really – – now THAT is some major league FLEXIBILITY, my friend!

(The video is on my Instagram account, by the way, for those interested!)

Not to mention POWER. The tiger weighs uptil 300 kgs or so, and yet it CAN EASILY run – uphill – with massive “gaur” in its jaws that weigh WELL OVER A TON, believe it or not.

The grizzly (whom I’ve written about before, and along with the tiger is a VERY CLOSE contender for my favorite animal) is the only other beast with such raw STRENGTH.

Pound for pound, chimps and apes, but OVERALL ??

Back to the tiger – – I don’t know about you, but that sort of strength is something a human, even “Daniel Tiger” humans will never have – – but you CAN GET super human like strength in your core and legs by doing what the tiger does.

Or should I say, walking like the tiger does – – and SPRINGING up every so often!

Laugh all you like, my friend, but along with the crab walk and the bear crawl (two exercises that’ll bring supposedly fit adults to their KNEES – – within SECONDS) – – the tiger walk is another oft-ignored exercise that I haven’t talked about a lot – – at least in most of my books, but I HAVE covered it in the 0 Excuses Ship.

I HAVE trained people on how to do it, and as my daughter did this before lunch the other day and combined it with the SPRING I’ve mentioned – well – – it was no better time to write to you about that and remind you that so called kiddie movements can give not just YOU – – but your KID – – the workout of their lives, and that ain’t me kidding my friend.

So if you’re amongst the multitudes and hordes of folks worried about child obesity – – well worry no longer, my friend. Kiddie exercise will NEVER be a chore when it comes in “kiddie fitness” bite sized packages – – which you can get right here – –

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And once you’re done grabbing the kiddie version, do yourself a huge, huge favor and grab the ADULT version too right here – –

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