Actions speak LOUDER than WORDS
- Talk's cheap...

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Back in 2018, I made a decision that was VERY unpopular with my friends (not family though) – that being to (at the time, this is what I thought) – take a fourlough of sorts from mainland China – perhaps for good, but definitely for a LONG period.

This decision was based upon many factors, of course. The state of the Chinese economy at the time, future biz opportunities or the lack thereof, and most importantly, the fact that at that point, I wasn’t spending near as much time with family as I should have.

Well, all things said and done – I took the decision to mov back – in an instant one fine night – and then I backed it up, and somehow DID it.

Believe me, it was NOT easy (at the time) leaving a country where I’ve spent the majority of my adult life (again for good reason).

It was NOT the smooth journey – or transition you might expect, and there were a lot of hurdles, and YET – I did it.

The same thing applied when I moved BACK at the end of the year – again for good reasons!

I just did it – DESPITE words to the contrary from friends and this time family too..

Now, this is NOT a discussion about whether I was right or wrong – justified or not – or even “correct in making the decisions I did”.

This is about making a decision – and just doing it – and BACKING that decision until “kingdom come” as it were!

This is about taking a path – – choosing, I should say – – and STICKING to it no matter what!

Sure, there may be times you change directions – or goals- but speaking from an overall and broad perspective you DON’T in terms of what you really, really want.

One of the main reasons I admire Donald Trump, as I have said before, is NOT his politics.

It’s not his decisions – right or wrong.

It’s not just his style, although I admire that greatly.

It’s about saying he’ll do something – and then DO it – no matter what!

And then of course, BACKING that decision.

From Henry Ford to Steve Jobs to perhaps Trump himself and definitely yours truly this conjures up an image of “stubbornness” in most people’s minds.

“He’s as stubborn as a mule”, I’ve often been told – with good reason, hehe.

But there is a good side to this – that being you STICK to the path you chose – without excuses!

In fact, such people rarely GIVE THEMSELVES the opportunity to make excuses, which is even better.

Fitness wise, how do you RELATE?

Are you amongst the type that “says he’ll go to the gym and start working out “ – but never does?

Are you the person that says “I’ll go for a long run starting tomorrow morning” – but come tomorrow morning – it never happens?

Are you the person that says he will lose weight – not starting now – but “two days later”?

And so forth.

Or are you the person that makes up his or her mind to get what he or she wants – and then goes after it no matter what?

ONLY YOU – and YOU alone – can decide who you are – – and which you WANT to be!

And that’s today’s message, folks. Ponder it for a while – it DOES have deep meaning to it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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