“That’s pretty impressive Habib! You’re looking like spiderman, lol”
- Well I sure was - but it wasnt the spiderman pushup, hehe.

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So, over the past few emails I’ve been talking about Eric Blanks – the chat master INCARANTE – or TEMB as I used to call him back in school, hehe.

And the chants still ring out in my mind, as I exited or walked into the door of “Bond Hall” which was where I lived for the majority of time I lived on campus at school.

“Habib! Habib! Bib, bib!” they went and while this was nothing short of hilarious, I did NOT mind it.

“Don’t you feel upset they call you that”, I was once asked.


Well, to them – – mostly black dudes at that time, they all thought yours truly was “from the Middle East” – and the white dudes thought I was Jesus, and the Indians, well, they thought I was Spanish and the Spanish spoke Spanish to me, and the Mexicans, ah, but you get my drift!

Chamelon incarantate as it were, and I’ve posted about that before, and if you ever need more reason to ask WHY – well – this here email is it, hehe.

Anyway, I told TEMB they call me “Habib”.

He guffawed out loud for the better part of five minutes. Perhaps the entire day, hehe. Perhaps it was a tale he shared with his “nikkas” as it were.

I know not, but he had this to say.

“If they call you Habib, you call them Tyrone!”

And then of course it was my turn to bust up laughing.

Damn, I miss them days politically incorrect days when everything wasn’t about skin color, offending others, or political correctness as it is today! I bet you anything that sort of thing would NOT be bandied about as freely as it was back then – – and even back then, I had the politically correct crowd (Indians mostly) telling me “Don’t call black people black!”

Call them African American, I was told.

Huh?? I can call an Indian an Indian, but not a black person a black person? Seems kinda strange to me, and did at the time, but hey, whatever!

And as I mentioned him on Facebook with regard to his (by now) famous “floor humper comment”, he had this to say.

“Rahul Mookerjee, that’s impressive! You look like spiderman Habib lol”

(the full name because that’s how facebook does the “mention” thing apparently).

And my response?

“Eric Blanks – (why is Facebook calling you Eric by the way?? ;)) – spiderman pushups are actually another style of pushup. I’ll post on those shortly. Lets see what you call ’em, or what they look like, hehe.”

In case you didn’t know, his name is not Eric. It’s his nick name. He’s really either “TEMB” (Tyrone Eric Milakuwhat Blanks) – – don’t ask!! … or Chat Master Incarnate, whichever you so choose.

He’s also a smart dude and a great guy – one of the best – probably why I’ve stayed in touch all these years! Has more common sense than the next ten people I could think off right off the bat, if I might say so …

Anyway, spiderman, you ask?

That’s a different style of pushup – – and Pushup Central has more on this – as well as other “unique” styles of pushups you’ll never seen out there in conventional pushup books.

Like the “leg in the air pushups”, for instance, which add TORQUE to your workouts.

Believe me now and trust me later, these unconventional pushups will give you the WORKOUT of your lives, my friend – and you’ll be burning fat like no-one’s business once you get on said workouts.

Get on the stick – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with pushups, remember to also pick up a book on training the core … the best ever, and more unconventional stuff in it that just flat out works. Do so right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

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