Unconventional pushups that give you GREAT results.
- ... That you SHOULD BE DOING NOW!

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In 0 Excuses Fitness, back when I originally wrote the book, I had this idea of putting in “Pushups are the big dog” as the tagline of the book. (or the subtitle, I should say).

I also figured I’d need to say it ONCE – – not multiple times, but upon “testing” this out on the average person, and some of my reader I was WRONG.

If there was ONE flaw that my FIRST book Fast and Furious Fitness had, it is this – it was NOT the most comprehensive book out there in terms of pushups.

True, that was a book focusing not just on pushups – overall fitness, strength, HEALTH AND CARDIO – all in one, but 0 Excuses Fitness is the same, and in 0 Excuses Fitness, I remedied this error (the only other book that SURPASSES the pushup tally in 0 Excuses Fitness – is – no surprise – the immensely popular and well received – Pushup Central).

And I made sure not to only to include the above line in the book, but devote an entire SECTION to it, my friend.

Yes, it IS THAT important.

Amazingly enough, this didn’t do the trick either – – at least not in terms of the majority of readers (and I’m talking those that cannot say enough good things about the book).

What do I mean?

Well, if I tell the average Joe, for instance, or perhaps even you guys – – my readers – – that pushups work the chest and upper abs heavily – – I bet you anything that ALL of you would agree with me bar none.

If I tell the average person though, that pushups are one of the very best ways out to there to lose weight – bar NONE – 60% or so of folks would snicker and accuse me of “marketing tactics”.

If I tell the average person that pushups work the legs heavily, I’d probably folks calling for the cavalry – – armed with straight jackets, hehe. Or, wait a minute. That happens on a daily basis, don’t it? Hehe …

If I tell you that pushups can build lower back strength like never before, you’d probably think what I was on. Or smoking. Or a combo thereof.

You get the picture, my friend.

Most people think traditional pushups when it comes to pushups with the benefits generally associated with them, and this is fine and dandy, of course.

Pushups are a fantastic way – – probably the best way to build the CHEST and UPPER ABS – -but that particular benefit is just one, and by far not on the TOP of the list.

Pushups truly can be done in every which way – – unconventional ways as well, and the results you get will nigh ASTONISH you, if you do these right!

And today, to (attempt to) dispel the myths regarding pushups being easy, or “a limited exercise”, let me give you THREE unconventional styles of pushups that you likely have NOT heard of before.

And before I start, no, I ain’t referring to the Hindu pushup either. A great, great style of pushup, but I’m referring to something possibly even more unknown, and even more unconventional.

One, the “extended arm pushup”. This one is done as you extend your arms and legs out from each other as far as you can go, sort of like you were using one of those ab roller gizmos.

This is hard enough to think of doing with your own body, let alone do. If you’re able to even get into the position I mention above and hold for a second or two, you’re light years AHEAD of the rest of the “world” out there on this one, and already have core strength that most people do NOT have!

Second, the “spiderman” pushup as TEMB recently thought I was doing, but what I was doing was NOT the spiderman pushup.

Curiously enough, this one is done as he said, i.e. you look like Spider man while doing these, and these build the CORE and obliques like never ever before, my friend – – if you can even do ‘em beyond 2 or so.

Last, but by no means the least, TORQUING pushups, or “One leg in the air pushups” as I call them in Pushup Central, and no by no means am I referring to the regular pushup with one leg in the air, which is also mentioned in the book.

I’m referring to pushups where you literally TWIST and TORQUE as you do ‘em, and if that sounds unbelievable, here’s another doozy – they are actually a way, way better SHOULDER and chest builder than core builder, although they build the entire body as a whole!

And that’s three of the top of my head.

Three pushups that can give you a great great cardio and strength workout in less than 10 minutes, and for those that complain about time, well …

Actually, you shouldn’t be complaining about time if you’re locked down as the majority of the globe is, hehe.

But either way, for those of you looking for quick and dirty home workouts based upon pushups – – and WEIGHT LOSS – – RAPIDLY so – well, you’ll want to check out that book HERE.

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And no, there are NO free trials – -either for the book, or for ANY OF MY OTHER PRODUCTS. No “can I have a look first” nonsense. If you’re serious, jump aboard, if not, well, too bad. That’s how it is, and that’s how it’s gonna remain!

P.S #2 – Here is where the SERIOUS (probably around 1% or less of those reading this, but that’s OK) amongst you can grab the book – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central/

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