Are you embarrassed to take your shirt off in public?
- I know I was at a certain point!

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A while ago, two years or thereabouts to precise, I saw a person that I admire manifold – more than a lot of other people I see on a daily basis.

I’ve written about this man before, and continue to do so.

A man that truly INSPIRED me for the way he trains – and trained, back when I first met him in China in 2013, a man that truly does it BARE bones – and bare foot, most of the time!

That man is the old man I met in China, and if you’re on this list, you know who he is – – or you should, at any rate!

At the time I mention I hadn’t seen this man for ages.

If you remember, that was my “5 climbs/morning plus 2 climbs/evening” days … 7 days a week, something that truly did WHIP me into the best shape of my life … overall.

But there was something, but anyway, on with the story.

At that point (when I met the old man again) I had switched up my routine again, and was doing afternoon workouts with my shirt OFF.

And as soon as he saw me, he broke into a huge smile!

“Oh!! Nihao, nihao!” (How are you, how are you?!)

And as we shook hands, and I noticed his gorilla grip the SAME as what I remembered, he “poked” me in the abdomen.

“Hao li hai!” he said, nodding approvingly.

Now, for those that remember, stomach fat is something the old man was always against, and rightly so.

Your waistline is indeed your life, as Paul Bragg famously said and you should never let it get BIGGER than it was in your prime.

(Which of course is advice most people just “Read” and then “shrug off”, and I suspect so the vast majority of people on this list. Oh well. Can take a horse to water, but can’t make it drink, hehe).

And as he pointed at my stomach, I was reminded of just how far I had come … but something else too.

Until a short while ago, I was doing the other type of workout I mentioned. Which was great, but also “LSD” in a way, and my body was starting to tire and give out.

I could no longer seem to force myself to go on those long hikes, and those daily 5 AM walks … and after a full day of work, two more hikes.

I still did it occasionally, but for the most part I was on 0 Excuses Fitness.

And while the hill climbs got me in great shape, I still did NOT take my shirt off.

In public, anyway, and certainly not while working out.

However, as soon as I switched to a modified version of my workout that I mentioned, bingo – those LAST bits of fat flew away.

The man boobs (albeit so tiny you couldn’t see ‘em, but still). The love handles. The last bit of jiggly tummy.

And so forth.

All went away after that ONE day I did a modified workout, and was STUNNED at the results I got … in less than a few hours, with less than an ideal DIET …

And that was when I chronicled my own experiences (and others I trained at the time) into a power packed, pathbreaking manual the likes of which I have NOT seen out there on the market as yet.

If you have, let me know – but I doubt it!

That little ditty is Eat More – Weigh Less – and the routines therein will truly blast away those last bits of (or rolls of) pesky FAT my friend – quicker than you ever thought possible.

To literally FEEL the fat peeling off as you work out … well, go here, and do the thing, my friend.

Do so now, and I promise you this – you won’t be disappointed!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is that link again – –

P.S – #2 – Oh, and pushups do a fabulous job of stripping away nasty FAT around not just the midsection, but the entire CORE. Whats the difference I hear you ask, eh. Find out here – –

P.P.S – I never did realize that I didn’t address the initial question, hehe. If you are – well – HERE are the fitness routines that will get you in the sort of shape where you can start to STOP being embarrassed – –

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