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When you look at the shoulders on display on the cover of Battletank Shoulders, what comes to mind?

When you look slightly below that, what comes to mind?

Gawd, why would someone on God’s green earth pay THAT much for an ebook!”

That was a moron and Bozo of course, but if you’re a doer what comes to mind?

I’ll bet the words in the title of this here email – which is going to PISS a lot of people off, but so be it.

Warning – before sending me nasty emails about “how dare I support Russia” (with no proof that I do) – this email may and probably will reference current going on’s, so if you dont want to read, dont – if you want to unsubscribe, do so in droves, but like I said before, I aint gonna be muzzled here in my opinion, especially not when I’m RIGHT.

But first, a bit from the movie “Rocky Balboa”.

Rocky’s an old man with no speed, too many injuries, very little coordination left, whatever is left of his “left eye”, hehe – and certainly not someone you’d want to fight, let alone back, against a boxer in his prime.

Hell, he can barely even train, he’s so beat up!

But he’s still GOT IT.

“So what we’re going to focus on is POWER, baby!

Heavy duty punches that will make him feel like he kissed the Cornish express (an express train is what he said, hehe)!!

Heavy Duty, CAST IRON – POWER!”

And then the training starts along those lines -plenty of deadlifts, “hammer grip” pull-ups, and so forth (and log carries and stuff). Frog walks. And such!

Great stuff, great, great stuff – and a classic example of both how heavy duty power – well, there is no SUBSTITUTE for it – and WORKING around pre-existing conditions.

Dont believe me?

Read the link above, you’ll see for one how people have it all ass backwards in terms of Russia for one.

I’ve always said its China that is the real threat, not Russia that simply wants its own domain and to be left alone – dont believe me, look at history – when have they ever done what the Chinese are, encroaching damn near everywhere? – not that they need to with their massive country, low population and immense natural resources … case and point there, huh?

Donald Trump said it all the time.

No-one believed him, or listened, but it is TRUE.

I’ve been saying it forever too, and the one thing people dont learn from?


Look at war, the Russians are probably the ones that have been brutalized the MOST (after the Jews) in the World War, for one.

But it was their capacity to take heavy, massive, unbelievable CATASTROPHIC losses – and then COME BACK when everyone had written them off in classic “bear” style with their tanks that really broke the back of the Nazis in the war, and 10 days later – the Japanese as well.

Dont get me wrong, the atomic bomb played a huge role.

But without boots on the ground, nothing really happens ultimately.

Its men on the ground that win you the war, you can have all the fancy shmancy weaponry you want, but ultimately what works – well, good old fashioned PUNCHING power, which is a tried and tested formula for the Russians.

Everyone got it wrong – when I told people this was going to happen they laughed at me saying “they are no match for technology”.


Maybe they’re not quite at par technologically in some regards with the US – probably a far bit off in some regards, but what they want to be good at – they’re far better than anyone, the Chinese included.

Their method of battle has been win by attrition, and they always have, as history proves – and their methods are crude – but effective.

Like I Said, thunderous artillery, and tons of it, and inexhaustible will (and seemingly) resources too – you can’t beat that, and if the Ukranians, or anyone for that matter had studied their history, they would have known it.

Of course, people have short memories.

It was only in 2014 I believe the U.S. Congress themselves passed legislation banning sale of military equipment to Ukraine I believe because of the presence of Neo Nazis there.

True, they make up a minority there – but they’re there, to dismiss what Putin is saying as the ravings of a lunatic would be lunacy yourself and ignoring what happened in the very recent past.

I dont support the war, I never have, but the fact is this tho – reap what you sow, and the Ukranians shouldn’t have poked the bear, period.

Leave a grizzly alone, he’ll leave YOU alone, it all boils down to that, simple as that.

Fire breathing dragons might not, but that is another tale.

And sending more and more weapons to Ukraine will do one thing – make things worse for them, and better for the defense industry and the global economy in that regard, which I guess was the entire point, eh?

I fail to see how the think tank at the EU, the US could have failed to predict that sanctions would have the opposite effect of what was intended.

Supply and demand, a third grader could tell you that.

I fail to see why if they “Really” wanted to do something, they left loopholes in those sanctions as well.

Instead I see whiny articles from CNN Daily about how “Russia is losing or will lose”, when the ground realities, and a pleading President daily prove otherwise even to the meanest intelligence.

Does anyone even believe that crap? I doubt it!

Like a buddy once told me ..

“Everyone thinks the Russians aint got it no more, but they still have a damn powerful military!”

No-one likes hearing all this.

Fair enough.

But if you can out me on some of the facts I’ve mentioned, any, or all, I’d be most appreciative, if not, then please dont whine about “he says all this stuff”.

(I mean really, did people think Russia was just going to sit by and let NATO or whoever crowd it? That don’t happen in real life!

And as far as the Ukranians are concerned, they should have built up their own military FIRST before taking that leap – as the Russians have for years. People ignore all this, but its TRUE.).

Negotiate from a position of strength is how it’s done, how I’ve always done it, if you can’t, you be a “black mamba” and BUILD yourself up first before striking!

I say it because it’s true.

Anyway ……..

that aside, lets talk fitness.

If you want REAL heavy duty stuff – stuff that works slowly, incrementally, day by day – so slowly it might seem “speed of molasses”, but when you do make that tiny bit of progress you feel it INSTANTLY – well – then – Battletank Shoulders is your BABY.

Black and white, nothing fancy, heavy duty, hardcore stuff that just WORKS – period. 

Read the reviews on this one before you buy, I urge you to do so.

And then buy – IF You want real heavy duty artillery that NEVER stops- in your own training.

And that, my friend is that.

Again, feel free to say “buh bye” if any of this offends!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – To deliver a solid knockout blow you have to be able to TAKE it first yourself, period. Aint no two ways around that, pally.

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