Economical with words, generous with ACTION . . .
- Rings so true !

This morning, I was idly scrolling the news, something I often do – and recommend most people NOT to do – after waking up, while drinking my first cup of green tea.

Proudly sourced by you know who … ah, I digress. Hehe.

(but really, if you want high quality teas, many of you DO – you know who is the MAN to contact on that one. Hehe).

I was scrolling the news – and I dont advocate most people do that first thing in the morning because most people are easily emotionally and mentally manipulated whether they realize it or not, and to them, that is what they will think about all day, and it will shape their perception of the day going forward – which is the purpose of news these days anyway, not to mention the majority of what is in a newspaper or TV or internet in terms of mainstream news is utter, paid BOLLOCKS.

Such as a lot of the liberal nonsense you see about “Russia losing the war in Ukraine”. I mean jeez, any sensible person can take a look at what is happening on the ground right now in the country and judge for themselves who is “winning or losing” – not to mention all the other factors I laid out here.

Or the nonsense doom and gloom about rising gas prices, economy – all MANUFACTURED by men, much like the depression etc was

As Claude Bristol rightly says, in the Magic of Believing as we think, so we DO.

And thoughts create depressions – or the reverse. Feast or famine, it depends upon how you think, and the news is conditioning you to think ULTRA negative – on everything – even during “good times”.

Tis a fact, friend – believe it or not is up to you (but research a bit yourself on how the news, Freakbook etc affects the average brain, and you’ll see).

Anyway, I dont advocate “news” for the average person for precisely those reasons and more.

To me, it provides an interesting insight into not “what is going on” – but the way people are SPINNING current events going on.

And it’s something to do, something that gives me ideas for my business, strange as it may sound.

(and, it reinforces my belief of what NOT to believe and listen to, and I’m always proven right by the mainstream sh-news. Hehe). (most are not wired that way though, anything “on the news”, it must be right, and they’ll look for all sorts of rationalization hamster excuses to back that up…)

While scrolling through my feed I saw something about some new port being opened in Cambodia, which to be honest didnt interest me one bit.

China is apparently at it there too, apparently the US is concerned about Chinese naval presence etc there (even though it’s a tiny backwater port – though truth be told, the Chinese tend to make huge things out of nothing, so the “fears” are not entirely unwarranted) – and I believe while making their official statements on the port – one of the Cambodian officials included the following in their “China Cambodia friendship” statements –

“Economical in words, generous in action”.

And more about standing by each other’s sides etc, the usual you’d expect to hear. Hey, so long as the almighty RMB flows – except it isn’t, unfortunately, from what everyone can see of the Silk Road debacles…

Now, I dont know much about this “port”, and I aint interested in finding out either.

What I DO know – is this.

That one statement encapsualates some of my most brutal books so well – and my own philiosophy to life – even down to why I dont do too many vidoes, because vidoes end up with, in my opinion, too much “talk”.

Thats just how videos are made, you have to talk – a lot!

Not that I mind talking, I seem to do my fair share here!

But a lot of the trolls, fools, Keith James, and other Schofield alter “buffoons” have complained about …

“Really, the price!” 

“Really, only so many pages!”

And other tripe like I’ve mentioned here.

Now, I’m not going to get into why their comments are so obviously trollish – I’ve done that plenty of times before.

To boil it down – it aint the size of the package, its what that package can do (pun SOMETIMES intended, hehe – but the point stands).

You can get your point across in one line, or several flowery lines, it dont make a damn bit of difference, the “center” point remains the same.

And to me, Battletank Shoulders for one – or even Profound “70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands” – or even the first book “Shoulders like Boulders!”  – these books are short. They’re SWEET. They’re …

(A compilation version of the first two books in the series is HERE).


They kick your ass!

they aint “cheap”, and they never ever will be regardless of how many trolly complaints I get on “price”.

And they deliver results bar none – like NO OTHER workouts you’ve done – nothing like it out there.

Just check out the reviews for one on the books, you’ll see.

But if you’re the sort of person who judges a book by “size” and not content, then prepare to be SORELY disappointed, because the most brutal of all things come in SIMPLE packages.

Short, and sweet.

It ain’t talk that counts at the end of the day.


And those workouts may or may not take a lot of words to write.

But if you DO, you’ll see how much they take out of you workout wise!

And to me, that is what really matters.

If I wanted to be a flowery orator (not saying I’m not, hehe) I’d go into politics.

I’d rather deliver you RESULTS though – stuff that WORKS – flat out WORKS.

And therefore, I endorse the statement in the “subject” of the email – not because of the politics associated with it, but the meaning behind it.

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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