When your walking is equal, or equivalent to their RUNNING.
- And it often is for me!

I dont know why but I’ve always, ever since I can remember, especially post 23 – had this “military style” walk – BRISK, shoulders back, chest OUT – and so forth – head held high – and most of all, a BRISK pace.

It isn’t necessarily because I’m in a hurry either. Most of the time I’m not, yet I prefer walking briskly no matter what.

I dont know, but it’s always been a habit – except when I was younger and PHAT – I remember calling others “The Energizer Bunny” when they ran around trying to complete tasks while I was far more “relaxed” – hehe – although those guys (and gals) sometimes took it to an extreme…

… but its been with me, that walk!

When my daughter first started to walk, I had to literally retrain myself to walk slowly – even that walk would mean she “jogged along” – something she says till this day “your walking is like my running, Dad”!

I wouldn’t say Running, but yes, jogging …

Right NOW?

Most adults seem to struggle to keep up with me and then say “I’ve lost too much weight”. Hehe.

I remember Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once turning around and looking at me – or actually, “hailing me” as I strode ahead of me while going to boxing practice with him as the coach.

“Walk with me, calm down! I’m not your bitch!”


He sure wasn’t, I wouldn’t have such a butch bitch anyway!


Great guy Marc … anyway, the ONLY other person I’ve known whose that solid and keeps up with me?

My buddy from the Marines, all 6’1″ inches of him …

He’s the only one that strides “stride in stride with me” as we keep GOING. Hehe.

And thats the message here.

Fitness should be a lifelong thing, my friend.

Much like a professor we had in college “Dr Seyfarth” whose name I’d claim to have an accent  and pronouce as “Say Fart” just because I could, lol …

… but you saw the dude walking back from work (and at a time where NO-ONE would ditch their cars even for a five minute walk) – and you’d be seeing something.

SHOULDERS BACK – CHEST OUT – military stride – no wonder ole Ray was in prime shape, probably still is.

Now, walking is one of the BEST ways to lose weight, my friend, if done right.

Most people dont do it right.

And walking uphill, well … we all know about the benefits there, eh.

Those LONG climbs in China, they got me down to the point where people called me, wife included “13 year old”. Hehe.

Right NOW?

My mom was asking the other day about some trousers she had which might or might not fit me.

Waist size 36, she said.


I’m at 30 right now, I told her, laughing. And in 2016 I was literally at waist size 26 – and feeling the BEST I ever had in my life!

I still do!

She was asking if I dont eat much at all these days.

I laughed.

I was going to mention Herschel Walker who till this day eats salad and bread after pounding out 3000 pushups daily, training MMA (when he did it) -and a host of other activities that would leave the average strongman in the DUST.


And thats that.

Anyway, to learn how to lose weight by WALKING, and then running – and then sprints – and then sprints on all fours?

Advanced Hill Training is the TICKET, my friend.

Get it NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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