Famous faggotty positions that whip not just faggots into TOP shape – quick! (and find out fat boys quick too hehe)
- Read on!

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I was thinking about a lot of things last night, and couldn’t help chuckling.

You know you’re onto something good – awesome – not just when you get shining reviews of your books in all businesses from doers -thats great, but a far greater measure of success, or getting there?

A successful man – or his level of success, or the “ascendancy of his star” – is measured by the number of enemies he has – the number of people that absolutely hate his guts.

This might not be a popular thing to say ,but its nigh true.

And when you get to the point (and I’m not even STARTED as yet, as I I keep saying) when hordes of people have to be either blocked or booted from the list, site etc – when I’m selective about accepting customers in an economy most are “desperate” for them – when people I block (Bozo being one) find all sorts of creative ways to come back and “see what he’s up to anyway” so they can troll …

… well, it’s a true indicator of “where you’re headed”. hehe.

Anyway …

Squat 101 was released like a week ago I believe?

And our great translator Marco is already hard at work translating it into Spanish – NOT per my request either – he emailed me and asked me about it!

And I was more than glad to accept.

THAT is what I like to say, eager to get the job DONE – other than whine and moan about price, wacking off about stuff that doesnt really matter, or nutjob arm chair theorists that look like the only training they’d done is walking from the dining table to the potty yet feel compelled to share their non existent wisdom and write long boring “watching paint dry” rants about form or what not…


Before we start this one.

Please DO read this here … https://0excusesfitness.com/2020/04/28/to-be-fair-your-yoga-looks-a-little-faggoty/

And this .

What a former gymnast and cheerleader had to say about the “faggotty” position that I wrote about

Please DO read both those links, as I’m not going to type a lot in this one – it’s already been said.

Except, one thing – in the second email up there I never put the picture I was referring to back then – I found it today, I believe, I’m not sure if this is the right one?

But here it is –

It was that one, and this one – or maybe me holding the “Table” position which he was referring to – the cheerleader was certainly referring to the “table position” …

Anyway …

I cannot find the picture of me holding the table pushup.

And the reason I bring it up is again – that particular exercise – in fact, even the one above (reverse pushup) are along with the pull-up – two PRIME examples of how much fat you have around the midsection, my friend.

We have covered the pull-up so often here, if you’re not getting that chin over the bar comfortably, holding , it’s not a pull-up, and fat boys – or girls – wont be able to do it despite their gorilla snarls in the gym (handstand pushups neither).

But those are advanced exercises, they’ll whine… And make every excuse in the book about not being able to do ’em …

So how about these two simple exercises I just mentioned. Hehe.

Pushup Central, my friend, contains these – and FAR more styles of pushups than you could ever have bargained for – period.

And if you truly want to lose fat and get in shape, then that is one of the first courses that you need to invest in – NOW.

And to end this, another great video from our channel

Link-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RSGVZzU8Pw  (I had to put it in that way since some of you cannot view the video in the emails, so just copy and paste the link itself).

This one for some reason hasn’t really been seen a lot , probably because the exercise is a tough one, which is fine, but it’s one of the very few areas on Youtube I have not been trolled – or complimented – never a middle ground hehe with me – as yet.

I’m aiming at changing that. Therefore, there it is!



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Another great measure of how far you’ve come is when people find every excuse to surreptitiously copy what you’re doing … like clockwork, hehe.

It’s beyond hilarious, I write something, fat boys globally (I’ll share more here “by and by”, Benny Boy is just the latest in a long series write rants about what I wrote) – I video myself doing advanced workouts, these same ass clowns show just cringeworthy videos of them attempting to do the same. Some of them, you can almost hear the seat of the pants tear (PG Wodehouse fans will appreciate this one. Hehe).

“Look, Mommy, the big man did it, so can I!”

I mean, its downright hilarious. Hehe.

And no you can’t you idiot, I can hear the joints creaking there – or should I say “see”. lol.

(this guy was the guy who used to work for us as an affiliate, threw a hissy fit a month later about prices after he realized this was an elite site where his “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” methods weren’t working – not that they do anyway, he’s barely able to sell even $8 ebooks and some of the crappy, downright dangerous herbs he promotes like snake oil (dont ask me, ask anyone in the know) and then whined about “I quit!”

Well, its good he quit on his own, in another month or so I’d have FIRED his arse anyway. We dont take kindly to quitters and losers around here).

Anyway, all of them make for (including the price wanking trolls) GREAT material for the very educative (both life and business wise) upcoming book Profit Troll.

While Buttler Glyn is undoubtely the star there, plenty of others nutjobs will be featured with proof. Hehe.

I’ve truly inspired a legion of both those that cannot get enough of me – oh wait, they all can’t apparently, hehe – of the haters and the lovers. And for that I gotta thank both, as the former tries to make a $8 sale, hehe, I’m laughing all the way to the bank.????

All of this, of course could be a prime reason why the vast majority of people in the world are nothing but sheep, will never succeed at anything other than keyboard wanks or the equivalent. The DOERS, well, you know who you are. Haha.

Anyway … if no other, the above is a GREAT reason to get your pre-order in for Profit Troll NOW, my friend.  (while the price is what it is, because it’s going to cost >$150 once I’m done).

Apply it to your life, watch your life improve by leaps and bounds, apply to your business, watch the moola roll in – regardless of economy.

Along with Zero to Hero, Gumption Galore and of course 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, simply must have books for any REAL (note – this isn’t applicable if trolling is your biz, hehe – but it’s even applicable there, come to think of it!) entrepreneur or business person …

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