343 pushups in, THIS is what made me decide initially NO MORE VIDEOS!
- The buffoons.. ugh.

IT isn’t just idiots staring at me, folks interrupting me during workouts, people coming up to me, standing right next to me when I’m doing pushups, staring and then saying “oh nothing, I am on my phone!” (well be on your phone elsewhere, idiot!) and then getting pissed off saying its a public area, I can stand here, sure, fool, you CAN, but … ugh.

But it aint just that.

Sunny day out there today, yet the way these buffoons – majority of folks I see out there are walking, talking, behaving and driving, like lunatics more so than ever, you’d think the entire of the Arctic region descended upon here, what with their multiple layers of clothing and all.

Put then in real cold, freezing cold showers like I take at night, would be a good way to get rid of some of the riff raff around here, no?

Anyway, great workout today – I was thinking of hitting 500 pushups, but was pretty smoked around 343 – and 150 squats, a long walk (hilly terrain and 60 pull-ups, and a lot of monkey bar work.

And of course, isometrics.

So I called it a day, when – two things.

One a gaggle of female idiots accompanied by the statutory male cuckold keeping his distance showed up.

One complained “its too cold, I wanted to take off from work!”

Do it, the other urged.


First goes “All I do at home is sit in the blanket, do nothing. But I hate that too!”


You’re sitting doing nothing, then you hate yourself for doing nothing, then what do you do ?

“I watch videos!” this genius said.

“I am currently watching videos on how to wake up early since I cannot do it myself”.

And she aint the only one, my “Buddha on bed” wife is the EXACT SAME SORT.

Men dont get off scot free either, though the vast majority of men need to work, so by compulsion they’re a little less lazy, but they waste just as much time gossipping from what I’ve seen.

The world, my friend, has turned into bunch of dumbphone addicted BUFFOONS!

They’re too lazy to do anything, when you tell them, they dont know how, when you teach them, they want videos, when you show them, they dont practice, they want more videos – when you tell them to fuck off, they piss and moan about “his products are too expensive” and who does he think he is.

The bodyweight exercise Guru is who I am, my friend, and please do me the favor of not interrupting me during workouts, assholes ! Really, people these days – UGH!

This is precisely the sort that is always on Youtube etc, which is why I stopped doing the videos, but luckily most aren’t interested in the sort of videos I produce. Hehe. Good!

Pretty soon they’ll do a video on how to take a piss, how to sit down on the commode to take a crap – ah wait. A fitness guy no less (no, not me) once made a video on “how to take a crap”.

Dont get me wrong.

I love ole FC, and he probably had good isometric info in there, at least some, none of which involved the throne, but still. …

It just proves what I keep saying and doing – ANY thought you have in your mind, no matter how strange or easy or tough for you can be turned into a product that can be marketed, that people will buy from you, that you can make MONEY from (which is why I have no sympathy for the idiots wailing about tough times – like stop being lazy, constantly taking off from work, and … bloody, DO something to improve yourself. Idiots!) .

Anyway – second thing?

Around 309 pushups in, I took a great video for y’all – those into conditoning and strength – or strength and conditioning, hehe – will love it.

A new twist on an ole exercise, the floor humper, the Jack La Lanne patented movement, so I like to call it, or the arms out extended pushup – call it what you will, nomenclature aint the point, but watch, then DO …

Its a great twist on it – nothing “smoking new”, but its an exercise that is way ignored, does NOT deserve to be, and therefore the video.


And remember, if all you did all your life was pushups, and did them all day long, did them all year, no breaks – you’d be in such awesome shape a year from now or even a few months you would not recognise yourself in the mirror – true, that doesnt mean pushups REPLACE other exercises or vice versa, nothing does but there is a damn good reason I call pushups the BIG DOG of fitness in 0 Excuses Fitness because thats what they are.

And you should be doing plenty of these daily along with a ton of squats at the very bare minimum.

Remember to get Pushup Central, where I take this great exercise, and break it down for you like no-one has before, give you variations you’ve never seen before – all enough to keep you busy for a lifetime if you DO.

Thats it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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