The type of pull-ups most people do NOT do (those that even do it right to start with)

Oddly enough, or maybe not – its the pull-up I teach as a basic, staple pull-up EVERYONE should be able to do at least 3-5 reps of in proper form, slow and steady, thick grips, chin over bar.

Thats the short of it, at least – no pun intended.

The way you see the pull-up mangled, people not going even halfway up, people kipping, then the Marjorie Taylor Greene “butterfly pull-up” (wtf was that MJT – I’m an admirer of your politics, your pull-ups, not so much, hehe – unless you did that for “gureilla marketing purposes” as it were) …

Anyway the long of it – lets get to that now – this afternoon, lots of fun working out – both at home, and outside.

At home was the “warmup” which turned into almost a 100 pushups and lot more – the actual workout later, jumping rope, more pushups, 40 pull-ups and splits – all of it filmed on … LIVESTREAM!

Boy, for a guy who said he hated videos and I really don’t love ’em that much now either – we’re sure picking up speed there!

Livestreaming came across as a result of several factors, I’ll get into those later.

But I did notice it was a lot of fun, it also saves a lot of space on my phone (which I really need to buy a new one, my cranky ass refuses to unless I really “need to” though – much like Jeff Bezos driving a beat down Honda well on his way to a million or billion dollars in the bank/stock “it’s a perfectly good phone – so long as you attach an external battery to it”. Hehe). .

. . .and, despite hordes of people running around the park today, was a national holiday and apparently “Tambola” or “Bingo” day at the park, all the ladies, husbands and a gaggle of highly paid maids out there with bratty kids (lottery in English) – and tons staring as I did my thang, I felt oddly calm when livestreaming.

I can’t explain it, maybe I feel more like I’m talking to the people there on my livestream – same thing with videos, but it’s different, I can’t explain it

Anyway, while approaching the pull-up part of my workout I saw a dude out there doing pull-ups – pushups, and so forth.

One thing I noticed, he was doing them in sets of 10 or so, but his “rest” which you shouldn’t really need unless you’re going slow, slow, slow and perfect attention to form which he wasn’t doing – but his overall form was pretty good nonetheless – but the rest, he’d rest in the downward dog position which so many people do while doing pushups, then do more reps.

I dont do that, as I explained in my livestream today.

You CAN do it- no doubt it gives you more reps, since it takes the pressure off the arms and shoulders.

My rest is done in the top position of the pushup, just holding, as I find it fires the muscles up far more and keeps the pressure on them anyway – as opposed to the downward dog position which my friend from the Marines – his “cohort” in the Marines that once did 150 pushups “close grip” in one set rested that way, so people do it like that – but I think – I know – its FAR better to rest in the plank position than otherwise, since you get a workout while “Resting” too.

I can hear Vincent say, almost “Your way is better, yes!” – but there’s tons of ways to do’em!

Hes right. Hehe.

I miss you, bro. One of the very few people I can say that about … we’ve been through a lot, cold beers and such accompanying us everywhere too. Hehe.

Anyway – that aside, pull-ups, the guy was doing some pretty decent hammer grip pull-ups, pulling his chin over the bar as well, maybe not doing the dead hang ALL the way down, but pretty damn close – good job.

His overall physique though – man, he wasn’t quite “pelican legs” – but them legs needed some serious, serious work!

A LOT more pushups and squats, I was thinking, but he was in pretty good shape it seemed otherwise, but pull-ups – he wasn’t doing a single one of the ones I was.

He DID do some horizontal pull-ups on the dipping bars, great way to work up to regular pull-ups, but again, the sort of pull-up you see nary anyone doing?

Thick bar pull-ups, regular grip, slightly wider than shoulder width, all the way up, chin over, pause, all the way down, pause, back up.


These are the bread and butter of MY pull-up routines, my friend, and the results are there for ALL to see.

Not saying chin-ups or hammer grip pull-up are worthless – no – but the former is somewhat of an unnatural movement as I’ve said (think about it – how many times in real life do you grip like that?) – and puts excess strain on the elbows – the second is good, but an EASIER variant of the pull-up.

If you really want to do those, then do them in the style I mention in Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD – within WEEKS!

Even then, you cannot ignore the regular pull-up -no way, Jose.

Grip wise, I see virtually NO-one using their thumb – or thick bars.

Both cardinal “errors” in terms of building a rugged cast iron grip and a strong – super strong – upper body in general.

Believe me, working with thick bars or their home equivalent the “thick grips” (which aren’t the same, not as tough, but still a damn good alternative) work far more than the grip. You’ll feel your entire upper body fire MORE if you do sets of pull-ups on thick bars in good form than you would otherwise on regular pull-up stands, doorway chinning bars or what not (and doorway bars are great for focus on form by the way – limited space really forces you to focus more on FORM!).

This forms the baseline of exercises mentioned in Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) – and Gorilla Grip TIPS ie. what I mentioned above, EVERY exercise damn near in that book will have that concept mentioned in it.

Anyway … the advanced book on pull-ups shows you how to get CARDIO in with pull-ups too – something most people dont associated with this exercise, but oh yeah – pull-ups will get the lungs pumping big time if you do it right…

My next plan is to work in pull-ups and other exercises into the livestreaming too – so long as I can figure out how to get people away from the swing set … Heh.

We’ll see how it goes, but all fun and games, and great workouts today.

So many videos, all on the channel. Enjoy – lots more to come!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Write back – let me know what you guys want to see next!