Sucking thy gut in – right.
- Not just for show.

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Lots of people suck their gut in when taking pictures.

I still remember a fitness Guru – a guy whose sold a LOT of product, much more than me for sure – and my wife looking at his pictures and saying “he’s fat, he’s pulling his stomach in”.

That he was – but not in the right manner!

Pulling the gut in, my friend, is an incredibly effective exercise – one covered in Corrugated Core – called the stomach vacum.

Now, by itself, in and as of itself, this exercise is touted to reduce fat like no other (around the belly), but I got news – in and as of itself, it will firm things up, but it won’t burn record amounts of fat – by itself.

The key though is what I talk about in a video of mine – THIS key is something NOT talked about – and a key EVERYONE can use to burn fat off their midsection and tummies at record speed if done right.

They say you can only “truly” succeed by helping others grow…

This goes for the trolls as well already going ga ga over my shirtless pictures. Hehe.

(pull-ups, today the entire workout was done shirtless, I had lots of fun with the girls too. Hehe. You can see them in the livestream). 


But anyway, if you heard that livestream, you heard a little something about “Empress” Cody too. Hehehehe… Long story there, but a girl who wants your shirtless picture to “show her husband” – well, that was about as upfront “cuck” as one gets! Hehe.

Anyway – this advice I’m givng y’all will help the TROLLS and fat boys succeed too. Hehe. Including butthurt fools who get upset when facts are pointed out (Baby Benny is likely reading this -hey, Benny, trolling aside, this will help YOU. Do it for a month, then get back and tell me! Hehe if you so choose).

(Some may wonder why I help trolls – well, one, since they’re working so hard at being trolls, might as well help ’em out more. Hehe – and two …well, it helps ME too!)

NO “me too” by the way!

Watch the video for more, and HOW to use this secret to blast off fat from your midsection at RECORD levels.

last, but not least, remember RESULTS count – life, business, and fitness, and all else you do, and as Michael Harding rightly points out in the 0 Excuses Fitness testimonial “he’s got the wins on the board for sure”.

So can you get ’em – if you do the thing.

Do it NOW.

Then take action, and order the related products.

And thats that, back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of you reported issues with the signin form – thank you! Some weird issue with it getting auto removed, we’re working on it (for a permanent cure). Thanks Mike!

(For some reason I only got 5 minutes of a 20 minutes broadcast. WTF? Maybe we’ll try video next time, we’ll see… Maybe Youtube …)

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