Write them words in the beach – and let the water WASH them away!
- Sage, sage, sage!

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Jeff Bezos is one of the very few living men today I admire more than anything else – and would “kill” to have a chat with – or coffee – or beer – or whatever.

I Cannot honestly say this about many other people, but if we were look at “all time”?

Definitely Henry Ford, despite his so called anti semitism or what not – guy was a genius – revolutionary – and a TRUE pioneer in all regards. Interesting I say this as my book Fitness Pioneer – which a reader greatly enjoyed – is currently being translated into Spanish!

Ford, – and then of course Napoleon Hill – if there was ever Napoleon Hill “reborn” in terms of life, life events , even fitness (his daily 10 mile walks up hill) – it’s me – to a T.

And Emerson, of course!

But Hill is the one I can relate the most closely to, and from Bezos to Hill, and myself – Emerson’s words, his writings, his Laws of Compensation – well, what can I say other than “some things are just PRICELESS”.

In the Laws of Success, Napoleon Hill writes about how to handle yourself when angry – enraged – pissed off – and so forth.

Sometimes, the direct way may be good – confrontation – but in the vast majority of cases, its best to to do indirectly.

Which as Hill so sagely says “get it all out”.

Either write those negative feelings, the anger etc on a sheet of paper – once you’re DONE – crumple the damn thing up, throw it in the trash. Or, write the words by the seaside if you so choose!

Now, what do I mean?

Well, in Hill’s case he was working late once, and the black janitor turned off the lights without informing him.

Hill was nigh furious, went down and gave the man a piece of his mind.

Guy just stood there, listened to him calmly – and Hill enraged was something, believe me (much like yours truly “mercurial”).

And at the end of it, he apologized to Hill though he didnt really have to.

Hill left, deflated – and thought about how the man got the better of him – despite their obvious difference in position – remember, this was the 1930’s …

And the next day, he went down there and apologized to the man too!

Pretty much said he made a fool of himself, and the guy laughed in the friendliest manner possible, basically said “dont worry, happens to the best of us!”

And it does!

Now, what would have happened if Hill simply wrote “the piece of his mind he gave black dude” down – and then threw the sheet of paper away?

Well, we’ll never know but customer service – or lack of it – you know, the sort where they barely READ what you’re saying (so it seems) – or they completely ignore what you’re saying – so it seems – or they … well, postpone the response till the last minute – so it seems – like Bezos would agree, FEW OTHER THINGS piss me off more.

We’re HUGE on customer focus and service around here. Yes, we’re super choosy about which customers we sell to, but those few customers are like GOLD to us.

And so it should be.

Anyway – I’ve been dealing with an insanely annoying customer care issue for the past week or so, last night I emailed them again, and pretty much expected a crap response which I got at 7 am in the morn, which seemed like – as I said above – rep didnt even bother to read what I wrote.

I gave her 10% of my mind.

Now, this company is one I’ve done biz with before, continue to do biz with – and a certain Racine provides SUPERB customer service there – so I deal with her mostly, but she wasn’t available, so I had to deal with the other guys.

And their service, I dont know if it’s outsourced or what – well, let me just say at the best of times it’s “passable” – and not quite up to the mark – I’m being polite.

And I was thinking of writing the company a long email about all this since I’m considering doing more business with them – and finally gave in, and started to write it.

90% through it, right before “sending it” – the girl wrote back.

With a solution to the issue.

When I LEAST expected it, on a Saturday of all things…

Solution wasn’t forthcoming – I had to coax it out of her, it wasn’t entirely satisfactory but it got the job done. Point being, she got back to me and actually seemed to read what I said for a change.

Now, I dont know if they’re busy, or its just general shoddy customer service everywhere – and busy is never an excuse, but I am wondering now – what if I had NOT written those words out?

Writing is cathartic for me, much like working out is. GET IT ALL OUT!

What if  I had SENT that email to the powers that be at the company?

Would I have gotten the same result?

We’ll never know, will we?

But that above bit is a sage lesson for all of us – yours truly included.

And thats what I Wanted to share for now!

If you’re not the writing sort, hard workouts can get it out too. Big time!

And other things can too, but I’ll reserve those for the other site if you get my drift. Indeed, women… Hehe.


BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The very best way to relieve any and all frustration during your day, no matter where you’re at – some of the quick, dirty, brutal and intense workouts from the 0 Excuses Fitness System. Get on this NOW.

PS #2 – I aint saying I was wrong in feeling the way I was. Those feelings were justified – I shouldnt have to explain the most basic of things to customer service – most of which seems to be outsourced or whatever – but sometimes, just sometimes, I think we all, myself included, needs to consider the other person’s “thoughts” too. Anyway – thats what I think – the world would be a much better place with more patience (which I’m yet to learn on many issues, hehe. ).

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