The fine line between a competitive streak -and a MEAN streak (being a true ass)
- It's something that needs ADDRESSING.

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Growing up, I’ve seen plenty of cases of this – yours truly never was the aggressor, but being on the “bullied” side all the time, I’ve seen it a LOT.

Probably thats one reason I keep talking about class divides in India, the disparity between haves and have nots, why I treat everyone as the SAME (which is not what happens in the Indian subcontinent for one if you get my drift) and it’s something Ive thought deeply about it since childhood.

Picture this.

Guy you do Taekwondo with knows you’re terrible at the splits.

Partner assisted splits.

So he pries the legs open a little more – beyond what he SHOULD do.

And it hurts – to the point of tears – and he gets away with it because the instructor (who was NOT – I repeat, NOT trying to be an ass) was talking bout “toughening me up” (in a figurative manner).

There is a line between pushing someone, and injuring someone.

Unfortunately, kids dont get it sometimes.

Unfortunately, kids can be the cruelest of people sometimes, and they learn from us adults.

This same guy, I remember the mean expression on his face when I got a brand new bicycle when young, and rode by his house.

I said hi.

He might as well have spat on my face.

I was never the sort – uber aggressive back – that I am NOW to these people.

That was a skill I learned along the way – eat, or be eaten – law of the jungle.

But … unfortunately, although I’ve brought my daughter up to be uber aggressive, and not take any shit like I used to growing up, somewhere along the line, she’s crossed the line – sometimes.

Without knowing it.

With all the Nazi feminism rampant around her (the most awful mental disease one can be afflicted with “ie. putting others down for no reason”) – its bound to have an impact.

We were cleaning her desk last night.

I helped her – which I often do – Papa does the lion’s share of the work. Hehe. Thats OK, my little girl, my Princess!

End of it though, something happened that pissed me off big time, but I did not show it at all.

She mockingly spilled something on a clean area of the desk.

“Now, you have to clean it AGAIN!”

It’s a clear example of a power struggle gone wrong – a child’s mind NOT being steered in the right direction in some regards, or CONFLICTS in the childs mind.

I can relate. I had plenty of it growing up, except I was never allowed to express it. Beatings at home if I did, and all the mental put downs meant the same thing at school if I did it there (although there were times I “lost it” completely and went berserk, but thats a different tale altogether).

Anyway – this isn’t about me, it’s about my daughter.

I realize this requires tackling, but I dont want to tackle it in the usual heavy handed manner, I want to tackle it like I do all the other things I do with her – quietly, mentally.

She does this with her Mom all the time …

She ain’t a bad girl.

The best ever.

The most adorable ever.

but, there is a line that cannot be crossed.

And this applies to everyone out there.

Adults too.

In the movie “Milka Singh” you see athletes he’s competing against gang up on him and do all but break his legs in the shower before a huge run.

True stories my friend – and Milka ran – with those legs being littel more than stumps.

what was the reason behind this?

To me, that sort of thing – like cheating in boxing – or something of that nature – is abhorrent, DEPLORABLE.

Nothing wrong with a fair battle, and certainly not with a hard fought one, with words being said.

But what happens on the field, stays on the field.

I dont know if I’m explaining it correctly. I believe I am though!

Anyway – I’ll figure out the right way to get rid of this one habit with my daughter (it isn’t her fault in that a certain Nazi feminist is constantly getting in her brain …)

But fair and square, my friend.

Never cross the line.

THere are limits.

Be aware of those.

Respect those.

Else, I have no use for you as a person …

And no, “stating facts” isn’t being an ass if you do it with the right intentions – and in the right vein. As I recently said in a recent video, I point out facts about folks fitness for a far “higher” reason than sales alone (granted they make me sales, but all them sales are nigh useless if they dont benefit the end user, my friend.).

I’d rather EACH customer benefit from what they buy as opposed to selling millions and most not even reading it.

Point of fact, that is how a successful business is run.

And I call people out because it fires up their EMOTIONS – which are required to achieve anything of note (subconscious mind).

And if YOU get pissed at me for calling you out on fitness – hey. By all means do so.

I’d prefer though you CHANNEL that emotion constructively, and USE it – like I did in the past – to BETTER yourself.

And once you get to a point you can kick my ass in a certain exercise – well – hey – thats my entire goal with all this!

I’ll gladly doff my hat, do a Tony Greig “grovel” for you too. Hehe

Because thats the point!

The results sure do justify the means in this case.

But remember – I’ll be training hard too, improving daily, so kicking my ass workout wise might take some doing! HEhe…. As it should be! ????

Alright, folks. Had to get that off my chest. Now I have!

The 0 Excuses Fitness System awaits you – get in the best shape of your life starting NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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