What a retired teacher and long term volleyball coach has to say about Rahul Mookerjee’s motivational books!
- That was some great feedback Terrence - thank you!!

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Yesterday, I sent you an email about what a coach had to say about Zero to Hero … that email is here – some great feedback in it!!

I knew this guy was the real deal and the right fit for narrating this book (I was looking for narrators too at the time) and the minute I heard him “speak” the words – I knew my gut was right as usual.

There’s narration, then there’s narration with FEELING which yours truly wants for all his products. Writing wise, my words have vibes, and I’d prefer that same vibe carry over to my “verbal” products – videos – etc etc.

Translations as well.

Therefore, I only work with people that are on board with our philosophies, believe in what we do to the core – and most importantly, DO what we say regularly!

I heard back from Terrence today again, and here’s more feedback from him –

Rahul- I would be interested in narrating any and all books that you’d like me too. Your topics are indeed close my heart as I am currently a retired teacher, but current long-time volleyball coach. My previous favorite read (until yours, of course ????), was a book was book entitled “Mind Gym” by Gary Mack. I bought copies for my players years ago, and even my own daughter (who still reads chapters once in a while as she’s currently playing volleyball in college). Your material reminds me of his book in all the WONDERFUL advice you give and real world experiences you cite. I will be using your material this upcoming season as well because it hits things from a similar point of view. I am so excited to be working with you long-term, and I look forward to continuing the read on this current manuscript. I look forward to hearing from you today, and I’ll be working on this read extensively. Terrence

And thats the best testimonial any writer could ask for – for “fellow” life coaches to get back saying they’re using the material in their actual live coaching sesions!

Learning in the trenches is truly what its all about – and Terrence gets it. The best lessons are those learned oneself by dint of hard knock (oddly enough, as I write this, Gumption Galore narration status stands at the Chapter “The school of hard knocks!”) – and the very best teachers are those that have best circumstances, hardships, and come out on top – and continue to.

Thats how to live life.

Thats how to get fit as well – or if you’re looking for the best shi fu, or instructor – those are some attributes to consider!

And that, my friend is another great, great testimonial – so many of them rocking in that I’m having a hard time updating the sales pages with ’em. Will do shortly! Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushup Central will be the next book available in audio book format as well. This based upon “popular feedback”. Stay Tuned! (literally, hehe)

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